I Love Pippa Lynn // Fashion

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 1 comment

It's December, all my Christmas presents are bought, wrapped and ribboned and Christmas is less than eight days away . Despite this my bank balance is still somewhat healthy... What is going on!?

A little nail splurge! // Beauty

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 5 comments

I haven't been around for a while, my apologies. I've been going through some of the toughest weeks/months of my life and for my sanity's sake my blog needed to take the back seat. Thanks to a lot of love from my friends Emma, Marianne, Connor and Trisha to name a few, I'm back on track and better than ever. Thanks angels!

Autumn Beauty Wishlist // Beauty

Wednesday, 5 November 2014 8 comments

This post was meant to go live a few days ago but somehow my scheduling didn't work so I'm sorry for the delay! Anyway, I'm an absolute makeup junkie, as horrid as it is I just can't walk past beauty stores. I have to buy something and there always seems to be an item I'm on the hunt for. Sadly, A student budget isn't quite as flexible as I'd love for it to be. I mean, I'd kill to be able to wander through Chanel and pick things up on a whim but It just isn't realistic. So here's a little insight into what I'm lusting over at the moment!

Real Techniques Nic's Pics Review // Beauty

Sunday, 2 November 2014 6 comments

Since I seen the photos online I've been on the hunt. Searching high and low in every boots in sight for them, but they were nowhere to be found. But now, I've got them in my grasp. 

My Skincare Routine // Beauty.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 3 comments

In the past few years my skincare regime has been utterly abysmal. I have committed all the cardinal sins of keeping good skin - the main one? sleeping in my make-up.  I feel this was due to my lack of eyebrows (let's be real, I don't have any) so I ended up keeping them on to snapchat and what ever else I needed eyebrows for.

Autumn Style Picks // Fashion

Sunday, 26 October 2014 6 comments

Autumn is apon us. As much as I love the warm glow and bright hues of summer, I feel that autumn holds a bigger piece of my heart. I honestly can't think of anything better than being tucked up with a pumpkin spiced latte when a storm is brewing outside. But it's not just the atmosphere and starbucks specials that make autumn my favourite season - it's also the style. 

The Liebster Award // Other bits.

Saturday, 25 October 2014 2 comments

I've been around in the blogging community for a wee while, although not always active I have seen the Liebster Award floating around and have found them interesting to read. I feel they give you an insight into the new, fresh blogs which are growing within the community and the angels behind them. 

This week I have been nominated not once by twice by two gorgeous gals on twitter - The lovely Paige from The Beauty Paige and the super sweet Carolanne Davies - click their names to see their blogs! So, I guess it's time I get this done. If you're unsure how this works it's pretty simple. I'll answer the questions given to me, nominate 10 bloggers of my choice with under 200 followers and then ask them 12 questions of my own! 

Since I was nominated twice I have double the questions to answer, so this could get long!

What's your current favourite trend?
I'm quite guilty of not keeping up with trends - they've never been something that have overly interested me. But I do love the whole Monochrome checks and fluffy fabrics thing that s going on at the moment if that counts!

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?
This is simple, It has to be Iced pumpkin spiced lattes. I don't like hot coffee, but iced coffees are never out my hand.

What's your all time favourite lip product?
I think my all time favourite lip product would have to be a Mac lipstick of some sort, maybe Russian red or Angel.

What's your favourite winter food?
Carrot and coriander soup with buttery thick sliced brown bread or Avocado on toast!

 If you had to choose one product that you could never change again, what would it be? 
I don't like this question! I love trying new products. I'd probably say my highlighter choices as I'm super happy with them and feel that they're super versatile and build able. As much as I feel my foundation is perfect I genuinely love dabbling with new ones!
So yes, my  highlighters which are the MUA iridescent gold and Benifit's Sunbeam!

Who is the last person you spoke to?

My partner David, he lives with my four nights a week so I'm never away from him for long. He has a music blog, which you can find here.

 What is your day job/would you like to blog full time or just a hobby?
I am currently in my second year of studying media communications and do quite a bit of freelance work here and there in Public relations and social media. I also do a lot of catering work for special/corporate events and was lucky enough to work at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. 

I would love to make a job of blogging but I don't think it could be my sole job. I love working in public relations and social media too much to just blog!

Who's your current favourite blogger?

My current favourite bloggers are both from Scotland like myself. 
They're definitely Gh0st Parties and Satin Milk. Both blogs have so much style and roduce posts I find myself re-reading. Totally winners.

Are you a candle lover? If so, what's your favourite brand/scent?
I'm not a brand person when It comes to candles. I cannot afford Yankees on my student loan and frankly at the amount I burn them it would be a waste. I love 'fresh linen' scents and those cinnamon type ones you get at this time of year! Yum!

A product you could not live without?
Currently, Soap and Glory's 'The daily smooth' body butter. Urgh it's so hydrating on my dry winter skin. perfect!

What product is currently at the top of your wishlist?
An array of Anistasia brow products. It's all about them brows.

A product that disappointed you?
I don't own it anymore, but it was MAC face and body. It did nothing for me! total waste!

Would you consider becoming a Vlogger and why?
I would, yeah. I enjoy recording and editing material and feel it's a good platform for reviews etc. 

What’s your go-to outfit?
This is easy, my turtle neck white longsleave and Farleigh mom jeans both from ASOS with fishnet socks (also from asos), Cut out Vagabonds (cannot remember their name) and my oversized pink boyfriend coat I picked up in Primark!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Blogging, chilling with my angel and the odd bit of reading. I'm boring.

Something that you really want to buy but can’t afford/get hold of?
Some Zoeva brushes and lots and lots of make-up. *sobs*

What’s your dream job?
Social media marketing manager for some amazing brand which I love, or an owner of my own PR agency.  THE DREAM
Favourite junk food?
uh, Salt and pepper chicken balls. David and I's one true weakness. 
or chicken pakora...

Tea or Coffee?
Depends. I love green tea, or normal sugary tea if it's cold. 
I also love cold or iced coffee. But not hot coffee.

Your on a desert island and can take three of your possessions, what do you take?
My eyebrow kit, because I don't have any, the ring David got me and probably David. Is it legal or even morally okay to call your boyfriend a possession? Probably not.

Describe your style?
'I like this, It's going on' I like ripped things, black things, chunky things and boyish styles paired with feminine accessories. 

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Expressing myself and getting to interact with other people that love the same things as I do. It's therapeutic and sociable!

Woah, that's that done! So heres my nominees, I'm going on Bloglovin followers btw.
Alice In boots!
Bitsy Skerry!
J'adore Caroline
The Fashion Antlers

My questions are:

What products do you tend to use more in the winter?
What's your favourite winter shoe and accessory?
Who's your current favourite blogger and why?
What do you find the most challenging part of blogging?
Your blog may be stylish, but if we saw you while you were writing blogposts - what would you be wearing?
What is your main inspiration to blog?
What makeup and outfit combination makes you feel your most confident?
What is your favourite blogpost you have produced and why? Link us!
Have you ever made an embarrassing style/make up faux pa? What was it? 
What's your favourite part of blogging and the community that comes with it?
What tip would you give to anyone starting blogging?
And finally, why did you start your blog to begin with?

Well that's it! Over! 
I'm looking forward to seeing everyones answers! 

September/October favourites Part 1 // Favourites

Thursday, 23 October 2014 5 comments

I'm a little late with this one, don't you think? 

September (and now October) were busy months, I finished my internship with iSwapsy and returned to college, causing buckets full of stress and a pocket full of SAAS (see what I did there?) I picked up a few bits and bobs over the two months which I've really enjoyed and found love for some good old products which had somehow made it to the back of the drawer. So sit tight, get a cuppa and have a wee look at what I've managed to snap up this month, and last. Oops!

I will publish part 2 of my monthly favourites later in the week when I'm able to take some photos! This will include all my favourite beauty and fashion bits!

Also, I will apologise for the photo quality in this post - I'm waiting for my new lighting to arrive so I'm currently having to make do with the dull Scottish lighting which tends to be rubbish for shooting in at this time of the year!

Bojack Horseman:

I don't watch TV. I watch a fair few documentaries online, but I really don't enjoy watching films or mind numbing TV. Despite this, I have really enjoyed the new Netflix series 'Bojack Horseman'. The hilarious and heart-wrenching series about a washed up, alcoholic, ex TV hero horse is just something I quickly fell in love with. It's much more mature and meaningful than previous adult comedy animations such as Family Guy or American Dad and is hooking from the first episode. This quickly became my favourite show and sadly the series was completed within two days. Good things should last forever. *Sobs*

Sheet; Urban outfitters:

I love photography and any type of visual art. So i love 'SHEET', the Urban outfitters zine! It's currently on it's fifth edition which is in a Japanese style if I'm correct. I love the visual art featured within and I currently have the works of  the last issue plastered across my walls. I find it truly inspiring, you might too! You can pick it up in your local Urbans or you can view this quirky flick right here

Katy Perry - Prism:

Recently I've been loving Katy Perry. I've never been a massive fan before and she's not my type of usual artist to listen to at all but after listening to her discography with my partner last month she's became a daily morning jam! Her album Prism is packed with great tracks which I've been belting out all month... "THIS IS HOW WE DO!" You can grab it here!

I also snapped up a new camera this month! I have owned a DSLR for many years now but wanted something smaller and more portable. Equipped with HD recording, but still with the capabilities of a DSLR, I picked up the Lumix GF6.  It's a gorgeous looking wee thing! It also works a treat and takes some super great photos, not to mention IT HAS A SELFIE SCREEN! All of my photos for this blog were taken on it! You can find it here!


I've loved cacti for years and own roughly 15 of them which many would consider a bit of a problem but that isn't the point of this post. I have been loving these mini cacti from IKEA this month! They're super sweet and come in an array of different shapes, sizes, forms and pots which is really cute. They're currently priced at £4 for a pack of three which is an absolute bargain! As you can see, I've already grabbed quite a few.

I also grabbed two bigger Cacti! I know what you're thinking; I'm crazy. I agree. These were £3 each though, not bad! While we're here, I'd like to give a wee shout out to 'In Bloom' whose magazine you can see above! It's a fab little mag showcasing Glaswegian talent. You can pick it up in a variety of shops across the globe, or you could get it to delivered to your door from here!

X Mug:

Cosmopolitan magazine, Asos magazine, Tiger Mug, Buhda

Lastly, I finally picked up this quirky little mug from Tiger! They don't have an online store but they're popping up on quite a few high streets these days. They remind me weirdly of a kind of IKEA / Urban outfitters but at a fraction of the cost of either. This mug was £1!

Well that's all folks! I know we're a little late with this one, but bear with me.
What did you like the most? Have you picked up anything similar?

Wagamamas Date night & Edge Day // Lifestyle & Food!

Saturday, 18 October 2014 4 comments

This friday marked edge day, so for all my edge followers I hope you had a great day! I'm very much involved with the 'Edge' community as such so we decided to jump out for a last minute edge day date! If you don't know what edge is click here to find out more. We decided to visit one of my favourite restaurants Wagamama! 

I have visited Wagamama many a times over the past few years, I even had my 12th birthday there many years back, but for my partner  it was his first trip! We visited the branch on West George street, just five minutes up the road from Glasgow Central. Apon arrival the staff were extremely friendly as per usual and we were seated immediately on one of their signature benches! The atmosphere in Wagas was great and we felt so relaxed and by the time we ordered drinks our food had basically arrived! It was super quick and polite service, what else can you ask for? 

Firstly we both ordered drinks, I grabbed a iced coffee which may I add was absolutely on point, and David ordered a coke - which came in one of those super cute glass bottles! Is it only us that think everything tastes better from a glass bottle?

Then we both ordered a chicken katsu curry which is always a winner - gorgeous breaded chicken covered with sticky rice, curry sauce and one of the best side salads I've ever tasted. Both arrived within ten minutes of ordering and were scoffed even quicker, leaving our stomachs full and very content. 

But you know what guys are like so we decided to have a 'look' at the desert menu, which resulted David ordering  a three desert taster with ice-cream and myself ordering a natural cherry Ice lolly. 

His three desert taster consisted of a Passionfruit cheesecake, a white chocolate and ginger cheese cake (my favourite!) and a scrumptious chocolate fudge cake served with the creamiest ice cream I've ever set my taste buds on! My ice-lolly didn't disappoint either, it was super flavoursome with chunks of real cherry in there! I need to get my hands on these!

We then sat for a while after having a gab with our free green tea which I persuaded David to try, and thankfully he loved. We had a great time sipping from cute mugs and chatting rubbish with the lovely staff! 

I'd definitely recommend Wagamama for a lovely filling dinner, It's so reasonably priced as it totalled to £31 for both of us which is ridiculously cheap for dinner and desert for two! I will say, the staff go above and beyond whats required of them, doing anything they can to ensure you're content which makes it such a pleasure to be there and creates a really relaxed atmosphere. 

Shout out to our server Paulina, She's a gem. You can find the Waga's website here.
Have you been to Wagamamas before? What's your favourite dish? 
I'd love to know in the Comments!

Sleek 'Face Form' Palette Review // Beauty Review


Now come on, don't deny it; we all lust over that Kim Kardashian contour and highlight - I myself would love nothing more than to be able to work my magic in the mornings and have a face sculpted just as perfectly as hers. I've been a lover of a good contour for a good year or two now and have dabbled with an array of different products in that time. Sadly, I have never found a contour powder I have truly loved, I've found it so difficult to find a matte contour tone which isn't overly orangey and had began to lose hope on ever finding that perfect tone. 

Then, a few weeks back my bag was stolen, including ALL of my staple makeup pieces (including over 90 quids worth of MAC, but we aint even going to talk about that) forcing me to repurchase all a full new makeup bag.  I browsed Superdrug frantically for some new skin pieces and stumbled across the Sleek Face form palette.

I had heard alot about Sleek's contour palettes - especially the older versions with only two tones in them, and most had received pretty good reviews, I felt due to this that the new 'Face form' model would be a good one to try.  

The palette is only £10, which I feel is very reasonable for a three pan palette. It includes a matte contour tone, a shimmery highlight and a blusher in the light and fair palettes and a bronzer in Medium and dark. I myself aren't that tanned although I enjoy quite a heavy bronzed look so decided to go for the medium version. 

I made the right choice with medium - although in the packaging the colours look very dark their actual payoff isn't quite as frightening if used correctly. I feel that a light hand is key with this product as the contour and bronzer in my case are extremely pigmented which is great as you need very little product to achieve the desired look. The powders are also very long lasting,  I can apply my makeup at 7am and it's all still there, fresh as ever by 9pm that evening, making it totally worth the money in my books. The actual colours are a winner too - I personally found that the contour tone wasn't too orange toned, but also not too cool that it looked like mud either. This is a rarity in drugstore makeup and something I am delighted about, it sits great on the skin creating a flawless structured look. The bronzer is also a gorgeous colour, far to red toned for me to use as it's initial purpose but it has made and absolutely stunning blusher for the apples of my cheeks.  

The highlighter not so much for me - when swatched it looked lovely, a gorgeous glittery tone but sadly on my face it didn't even show and was unnoticeable, but as Fall out boy once said " Two out of three ain't bad."

The packaging with this product like all sleek products is minimalistic, expensive looking and travel friendly - something which I didn't realise till recently is so valuable. The palette also has an amazing mirror in it, It's large, compact and I always remember it = total winner.

This product is a great staple for your makeup bag, and used properly can help you achieve a flawless structured face to make even Kim K jealous... well maybe not, but we can dream cant we? 

If you want to get your hands on the palette and try it out for yourself all shades are available online to purchase here.

What do you use to achieve that perfect contour? How do you feel about this palette? 
I'd love to hear what you think of it!

Prides - I should know you better // Review

Monday, 6 October 2014 2 comments

I'm a sucker for local talent - theres nothing better than discovering a new artists and finding out they grew up close by. Theres something about it that makes them so much more relatable.  I recently found this with local band Prides - their artsy honest sound grabbed tight me from the word go.

It’s been a great year for Prides, the artsy Scottish synthpop band appear to have done it all.  From smashing their set on the main stage of the famous Wickerman festival, to closing the 2014 Commonwealth Games in front of a home crowd in Glasgow.  But this is only the beginning for this quirky trio and from the sounds of their new single I Should Know You Better  there’s plenty more success on it’s way. 

Similar to their previous releases, Prides' effortlessly honest vocals that form one of the most appealing aspects.  The unmistakeable harmonies paired alongside the upbeat percussion and synth, results in a powerful combination, emotionally overwhelming at points but nevertheless a song that will have you dancing before the first chorus. 

I Should Know You Better  is a perfectly written, modern love song.  The emotionally tugging lyrics, “I know that we will live forever now but even so, I should know you better by now” are repeated throughout the track with haunting sincerity.  The urgency of Stewart Brock’s voice digs in deep, and contrasts impeccably with the buoyant synth, resulting in an anthem like sound with immense amounts of power and soul.

Prides - I Should Know You Better  is out now
 via Island Records and can be purchased via itunes

This article was originally written for feature on Scottish Fiction, you can find it here.

Beauty Review //Real Techniques Eye Starter Set

Sunday, 5 October 2014 3 comments

If you haven't heard of the Real Techniques by now you must be living under a rock. The brush line, started by Samantha Chapman - one half of the sensational Youtube makeup duo 'Pixiwoo' has hit the beauty world by storm. The sensational budget brushes often compared and sometimes favoured to brands such as Mac and Sigma, are the beauty bloggers staple.

I've always been a fan of the Real techniques brushes - after buying my first couple over two years ago I haven't touched another brand. I myself have never done much in terms of my eyes - I don't like the way eyeliner looks on my eyes and tend not to have time for eyeshadow on a day-to-day basis so usually only end up reaching out to a little eyeshadow if I'm hitting the town! 

Saying this, over the past few months I've been getting more into my make-up, I've been looking to try more things when It comes to my eyes and decided to treat myself to the Real Techniques 'Your eyes enhanced starter kit.'   Get ready folks this could get long...

The kit includes five brushes essential for creating a flawless eye look. These include the Base shadow brush, the deluxe crease brush, the extremely useful accent brush, the Fine liner eyeliner brush ( which has replaced the Pixel Point brush) and finally the staple eyebrow brush.  I myself have been mostly been excited about the crease and accent brush, they seem the ones that would come in most useful for someone like myself with stupidly big eyes.   

The brushes come in a useful panoramic case which can be used as to hold the brushes during travel or can be folded to use as a stand for displaying or drying the brushes after washing, which is highly practical. The only niggle I have with this case is that the brushes are held tightly flush to the stand with elastic - this is great for keeping them secure when travelling but not so much when trying to quickly take them out and put them back into the stand.

On to the brushes...

Base shadow brush: 'applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.'
This is one of my favourite brushes in the kit - It's fluffy to the touch, round topped and tapered but firm enough that eyeshadows glide over the lid effortlessly. Due to is duo-fiber bristles it's great for cream and powder shadows as it doesn't absorb too much product.This brush is multi-functional and alone this brush could create an stunning eye look as it's perfect for not only applying colour but blending and highlighting, I have also used this in the past for applying highlighter to my cheekbones and nose. A must have!

Deluxe crease brush: 'soft, oversized design for effortless contouring.'
The Deluxe crease brush is another winner. It's short and firm, highly dense with round slightly tapered bristles. Many complain it's too big for their crease but as I have rather large eyes I find it the perfect size to fit my crease! It's fluffy but somehow doesn't lift too much product ensuring that it blends and contours seamlessly - It's also good for those who can often be heavy handed.

Accent brush: 'for precision detailing, highlighting and smudging.'
This brush does exactly what is expected of it. It's short and stocky and reminds me of a Pencil brush. It's great for smudging eyeliner on the top or bottom lash line, or if you're like me and don't like eyeliner it's great for applying a little eyeshadow around your lash line to give the appearance of fuller lashes. It's also good for applying inner corner brow-bone highlight, or undertaking any other task which requires precision - super handy! 

Fine liner brush:'precision application of liquid of cream eyeliner.'
I was glad to see this brush was in my set replacing the 'Pixel Point' brush which was included in previous editions of this kit. The previous brush was highly critiqued due to it's abnormal thickness and flimsy which many claimed made it un-useable for eyeliner. However - the fine liner brush included in this kit is much thinner and sturdier making it great for applying thin winged liner. I found it easy to use and I honestly am useless at applying eyeliner - hence why I never wear it!

Brow Brush: 'distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows.'
I personally have stumps for eyebrows. After spending the past four years shaving them off to draw them on in an array of funky styles, I'm currently in the process of re-growing them. Due to this, I'm an eyebrow loving kind of girl and this brush was the one I was most eager to try out, and I wasn't disappointed. The tapered cut of this crush allows precision accuracy when drawing out the tail of the brow and thanks to it's fluffy bristles it doesn't pick up too much product, resulting in a natural looking brow. I feel the medium length handle helps a lot as I find it terribly difficult to achieve precision with a very short or long handle. Perfect!

Overall, this kit is a winner. There isn't one brush in this kit I feel lets the kit down or isn't useful. I love each of the brushes equally and especially enjoy the metallic purple handles which look oh so stylish. I'd honestly recommend these to anyone, wether you are a make-up lover or just a beginner as you really can't go wrong with this kit, especially when Pixiwoo have an array of tutorials online showing how to use them! 

You can purchase the kit for yourself on the Real Techniques website or in Boots or Superdrug here in the UK. They vary from roughly £18-23 in price .

Do you have the kit? What's your favourite Real techniques brush? Any tips on using them? 
I'd love to know!


Monday, 8 September 2014 1 comment

Like many, this weekend my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get the chance to go to this years MCM Comic-con in the Glasgow SECC. We attended on Sunday, as we heard that the Saturday was too overcrowded and as we both are chatterboxes we wanted to attend at a time when we would be able to chat with the writers and sellers, and Sundays busy but relaxed atmosphere provided this. 

We were up bright and early to get in at 10 am with our priority tickets and spent roughly five hours wandering around hall four, amazed by the wide variations of stalls. As I'm not a massive comic fan, I tended to be more drawn towards the more arty stalls - and even managed to pick up some prints!

The Sloth Comic Stand

First stop Was Sloth Comics! Where we were greeted by this smiley pair who provided some impeccable chat and introduced us to some awesome new comics. My partner and I ended up purchasing 'Booyah!' and 'Young, Talented and Exploited' and picked up a pair of free Sloth badges! I'm currently delving into the second of the titles, so keep your eyes open for a review! 

Myself and my Slothself
The Sloth theme continued at our second stop of the day. We reached a table containing the works of the ever so talented illustrator and cartoonist Daniel de Sosa and another very lovely (extremely talented) female of whom I didn't manage to catch the name of! 

I purchased a copy of Kitty Jenkins - A short comic about a cat that tries to help people but ends up taking them to places they'd rather not be and making it worse, complete with an Ask Kitty page, although I wouldn't count on Kitty Jenkins for the stable advice you're looking for, he's a bit of an ass.  

I also just HAD to get myself drawn as a sloth, I mean, who wouldn't when you have an artist in front of you with a shocking TWO years experience in slothifying (is that even  word?!) the general public! I was thrilled with the result and I'm sure Daniel and the super talented mysterious female are too! 
Here's the adorable sign!

I then had the pleasure to meet the lovely John-Paul behind 'London Horror comics' . We had a great blether about his comics and I managed to even catch time to read one of the stories he had there. We managed to pick up a copy of 'Orbit' and 'London Horror Comic' which my partner and I cant wait to get our teeth into! 

My comic highlight of the day was definitely bumping into the very talented Martin Ferguson and Andrew Docherty from Imperious Press! My partner and I had a great time chatting to the guys and we even got our own custom sketch of Micheal-angelo! (My Favourite Turtle!) The guys honestly were great company and told me all about their comic  'Fat-Man & Ribbon'! Now, I have to say that I'm not a massive comic fan, they seem all the same - and Skinny men in tights isn't really my thing. But a fat man in tights? slightly more relatable! We managed to pick up a copy, which I'm hoping to read this week and can honestly say I can't wait. They're definitely a duo to keep an eye on! For more information and to grab a copy click HERE!

If anyone pictured or mentioned would like a copy of the images, or them removed or edited in anyway please feel free to message me! Abbeylaurenmedia@gmail.com

Did you attend MCM Comic-con this year? hat was your favourite stall? I'd love to know!

© 2015 A Girl Called Glasgow ALL RIGHTS RESERVED • HAVE A GREAT DAY!