Album Review // Brand New - Deja Entendu

Released in early June 2003, this album is by no means brand new. (Don't tell me you didn't like what I did there!) but none the less remains a staple album on my itunes gallery.  It's timeless, angsty youth sound is perfect for any mood.

Unlike many bands these days, Brand new are beautifully underrated. Hidden from the rock mainstream they aren’t soiled with the usual ghastly rock clich√©’. As a band they have went through a dramatic transformation over the past thirteen years from a mediocre “pop punk” band to finally passionate, emotion fuelled Emo /Alt rock band. One album alone is responsible, Single handedly defining their “brand new” style while simultaneously consoling every lost and disheartened teenager; "Deja Extendu". 

“Deja Entendu” is French for "already heard" , Which is highly amusing and rather ironic as the album is unlike Brand new's previous pop punk sound and brings raw emotion and passion that had never been heard from the band before.  Within the forty nine minutes the album consumes in its internee “Deja Entendu” creates a deeply relatable and very real microcosm of teenage life. The album addresses society’s taboos: teenage sex, toxic relationships, family illness and mortality But from such a personal, cynical and uncensored perspective. 

“Tautou” is a deceptive introduction to the album.  The minimal repeated lyrics and basic instrumental paints a sombre tone which is quickly interrupted by, what I myself and many other Brand New fans would call easily: “The best bass riff ever heard.”

 “Sic transit Gloria… glory fades” begins with the almost whispers heard on the previous track but quickly accelerates into a passion pit full of raw screams and emotion.  “He is the lamb, she is the slaughter.  She’s moving way to fast and all he wanted was to hold her… ” “The reasons that I had to believe you weren’t too hard to sell, die young and save yourself!”  The lyrics are simple yet sharp, like words out an adolescent’s mouth. This song to me sums up the album, delving deep into the physiological disquiet of teenage sex and relationships without taking a patronising or juvenile tone.

The album keeps up this impeccable standard of passion right the way through, and bring the album to a terminus as it begins with a heart wrenching, spine tingling acoustic track “Play crack the sky”, bringing you back down from a state of pure passion and frenzy into calm state of reality with nothing more than the hushing sound of Jesse Lacey’s voice and an acoustic guitar. 
Although Brand new’s music might not be to the best technical standard; It is undeniable they have extreme talent. “Deja Entendu” leaves such an impression on my thoughts that I’ve never witness from another album before. It is undoubtedly personal not only to the band, or their vocalist Lacey, but to the listener. This album forces you to invest yourself fully into their music and if you do I can promise you, the album won’t leave you unstirred.

All in all, Deja Entendu is the lost, angst filled teen inside you, 
and this time you can relive it for as long as you need. 

Is the album a love of yours? or not quite to your taste?
 I'd love to hear about your favourite Album below!

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