Like many, this weekend my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get the chance to go to this years MCM Comic-con in the Glasgow SECC. We attended on Sunday, as we heard that the Saturday was too overcrowded and as we both are chatterboxes we wanted to attend at a time when we would be able to chat with the writers and sellers, and Sundays busy but relaxed atmosphere provided this. 

We were up bright and early to get in at 10 am with our priority tickets and spent roughly five hours wandering around hall four, amazed by the wide variations of stalls. As I'm not a massive comic fan, I tended to be more drawn towards the more arty stalls - and even managed to pick up some prints!

The Sloth Comic Stand

First stop Was Sloth Comics! Where we were greeted by this smiley pair who provided some impeccable chat and introduced us to some awesome new comics. My partner and I ended up purchasing 'Booyah!' and 'Young, Talented and Exploited' and picked up a pair of free Sloth badges! I'm currently delving into the second of the titles, so keep your eyes open for a review! 

Myself and my Slothself
The Sloth theme continued at our second stop of the day. We reached a table containing the works of the ever so talented illustrator and cartoonist Daniel de Sosa and another very lovely (extremely talented) female of whom I didn't manage to catch the name of! 

I purchased a copy of Kitty Jenkins - A short comic about a cat that tries to help people but ends up taking them to places they'd rather not be and making it worse, complete with an Ask Kitty page, although I wouldn't count on Kitty Jenkins for the stable advice you're looking for, he's a bit of an ass.  

I also just HAD to get myself drawn as a sloth, I mean, who wouldn't when you have an artist in front of you with a shocking TWO years experience in slothifying (is that even  word?!) the general public! I was thrilled with the result and I'm sure Daniel and the super talented mysterious female are too! 
Here's the adorable sign!

I then had the pleasure to meet the lovely John-Paul behind 'London Horror comics' . We had a great blether about his comics and I managed to even catch time to read one of the stories he had there. We managed to pick up a copy of 'Orbit' and 'London Horror Comic' which my partner and I cant wait to get our teeth into! 

My comic highlight of the day was definitely bumping into the very talented Martin Ferguson and Andrew Docherty from Imperious Press! My partner and I had a great time chatting to the guys and we even got our own custom sketch of Micheal-angelo! (My Favourite Turtle!) The guys honestly were great company and told me all about their comic  'Fat-Man & Ribbon'! Now, I have to say that I'm not a massive comic fan, they seem all the same - and Skinny men in tights isn't really my thing. But a fat man in tights? slightly more relatable! We managed to pick up a copy, which I'm hoping to read this week and can honestly say I can't wait. They're definitely a duo to keep an eye on! For more information and to grab a copy click HERE!

If anyone pictured or mentioned would like a copy of the images, or them removed or edited in anyway please feel free to message me!

Did you attend MCM Comic-con this year? hat was your favourite stall? I'd love to know!

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  1. Finally a blogger who lives not too far from me!! Love this post about comicon, really making me wish I'd just sucked it up and travelled through to see it!

    I've had a look at a few of your posts and love your reviews and stuff, will be giving you a follow!
    Also absolutely love the sloth drawer in this post hahaha