Autumn Style Picks // Fashion

Autumn is apon us. As much as I love the warm glow and bright hues of summer, I feel that autumn holds a bigger piece of my heart. I honestly can't think of anything better than being tucked up with a pumpkin spiced latte when a storm is brewing outside. But it's not just the atmosphere and starbucks specials that make autumn my favourite season - it's also the style. 

I don't know if it's just me but winter coat and boot shopping holds a overwhelming excitement. It reminds me of being a little girl all over again and trailing through Glasgow's sparkly winter city centre in the search of a warm winter coat and 'proper' shoes with my Nana. I still hold this excitement to this day, and felt that same rush of excitement choosing my winter coat this month - almost 12 years on. 

So here are my favourite pieces I've purchased this Autumn, I hope you love them as much as I do.

1. Coat// Primark // Buy Alternative here
2. Shaggy Scarf // Newlook // Buy here
3. Turtle neck // ASOS // Buy here
4. Lipsticks Heroine & Blankety // MAC// Buy here

1.  My winter coat -£25
This isn't the exact coat I own but it's pretty similar.  This year I purchased a dusty pink boyfriend coat to be my heavy winter warmer. I was initially worried that it wouldn't go with much, I don't wear much pink, or lilac or pastels at all so I felt this might be a tough one to style, but I've found it goes with everything and have had no problems chucking it on almost frequently. It's gorgeously lined, super warm and feels expensive although it was only a mere £25 from Primark! I spotted the same style in Topshop and Newlook this year but decided to go with Primark as I wasn't sure if i'd wear it enough to justify the £75 price tag at other outlets. Ultimately, I've wore it enough already to justify paying more, but I saved myself some cash overall! 

2.  Super Shaggy Scarf - £12.50
I'm not a massive scarf person as I hate the feeling of my neck being restrained but I've been loving this black shaggy scarf and another Dogtooth New look Scarf recently. It's super cosy, simple and goes with anything. What a winner. 

3. Cropped Turtle Neck - £12
I thought turtle necks only belonged on my mother. How wrong was I? I bought one of these stylish cosies from ASOS a month or so back and have been obsessed ever since! The high neck is so in the season and also keeps you that little warmer and but it's also cropped to avoid looking frumpy! Perfect! They come in loads of different colours and are easy on your purse!

4. Mac Lipsticks - £15.50
My two favourite MAC lipsticks at the moment have to be Heroine and Blankety. They're long wearing, hydrating vibrant lip colours. What more could you ask for! 

5. Farliegh jeans // ASOS // Buy here
6. Ankle boots // Vagabond // Buy Alternative here
7. Faux Leather bag // Primark // Alternative here

5. ASOS Farleigh Slim 'Mom' jeans - £32-45
I had only ever owned one pair of jeans until this year, and they were jeggins. I have never been a jean person as I have never found a pair that have comfortably fitted my body. Until now, The ASOS Farleigh jeans have been a game changer, they have totally converted me and I now find myself reaching for a pair almost every day. They fit slim and curvy bodies perfectly and extenuate your best bits. They also come in every colour and style although the black ripped knee have to be my favourite. They're a total staple for winter, and bang on trend!

6. Vagabond Ankle boots -£120
I have a pair of Vagabonds very similar to the ones pictured which I grabbed in an Urban Outfitters sale from £120 down to £23! The Ultimate bargin! They're a gorgeous, comfortable pair of leather boots which will face anything winter can throw at them with ease. 

7. Faux Leather Bag - £12 
After my bag was stolen a few weeks back - which I'm not over yet, I was left without a staple black bag, Oh the horror! So I headed out on the hunt for a cheap, stylish faux leather bag that I could fling my life in for trips to college. I ended up grabbing this lovely little Primark number with gorgeous silver hardware! I love the versatility with the straps and it does exactly what I need it to! Perfect.

8. Fedora - £?
I haven't actually got a fedora yet I'm still on the hunt for one that fits my MASSIVE head! Please tell me it's not only me that has this problem? 

Well, that's what I've been reaching for so far this autumn! What's your favourite pick?


  1. I love your picks and I feel the same way about autumn, it's always been my favorite season! Great post!

    xx Isaya

  2. Love the coat! I also love shopping for my winter wardrobe, especially for boots.
    Good choice on the brand Vagabond.

  3. Love the choices! Fashion sense on point. You go girl! Xxx