Beauty Review //Real Techniques Eye Starter Set

If you haven't heard of the Real Techniques by now you must be living under a rock. The brush line, started by Samantha Chapman - one half of the sensational Youtube makeup duo 'Pixiwoo' has hit the beauty world by storm. The sensational budget brushes often compared and sometimes favoured to brands such as Mac and Sigma, are the beauty bloggers staple.

I've always been a fan of the Real techniques brushes - after buying my first couple over two years ago I haven't touched another brand. I myself have never done much in terms of my eyes - I don't like the way eyeliner looks on my eyes and tend not to have time for eyeshadow on a day-to-day basis so usually only end up reaching out to a little eyeshadow if I'm hitting the town! 

Saying this, over the past few months I've been getting more into my make-up, I've been looking to try more things when It comes to my eyes and decided to treat myself to the Real Techniques 'Your eyes enhanced starter kit.'   Get ready folks this could get long...

The kit includes five brushes essential for creating a flawless eye look. These include the Base shadow brush, the deluxe crease brush, the extremely useful accent brush, the Fine liner eyeliner brush ( which has replaced the Pixel Point brush) and finally the staple eyebrow brush.  I myself have been mostly been excited about the crease and accent brush, they seem the ones that would come in most useful for someone like myself with stupidly big eyes.   

The brushes come in a useful panoramic case which can be used as to hold the brushes during travel or can be folded to use as a stand for displaying or drying the brushes after washing, which is highly practical. The only niggle I have with this case is that the brushes are held tightly flush to the stand with elastic - this is great for keeping them secure when travelling but not so much when trying to quickly take them out and put them back into the stand.

On to the brushes...

Base shadow brush: 'applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.'
This is one of my favourite brushes in the kit - It's fluffy to the touch, round topped and tapered but firm enough that eyeshadows glide over the lid effortlessly. Due to is duo-fiber bristles it's great for cream and powder shadows as it doesn't absorb too much product.This brush is multi-functional and alone this brush could create an stunning eye look as it's perfect for not only applying colour but blending and highlighting, I have also used this in the past for applying highlighter to my cheekbones and nose. A must have!

Deluxe crease brush: 'soft, oversized design for effortless contouring.'
The Deluxe crease brush is another winner. It's short and firm, highly dense with round slightly tapered bristles. Many complain it's too big for their crease but as I have rather large eyes I find it the perfect size to fit my crease! It's fluffy but somehow doesn't lift too much product ensuring that it blends and contours seamlessly - It's also good for those who can often be heavy handed.

Accent brush: 'for precision detailing, highlighting and smudging.'
This brush does exactly what is expected of it. It's short and stocky and reminds me of a Pencil brush. It's great for smudging eyeliner on the top or bottom lash line, or if you're like me and don't like eyeliner it's great for applying a little eyeshadow around your lash line to give the appearance of fuller lashes. It's also good for applying inner corner brow-bone highlight, or undertaking any other task which requires precision - super handy! 

Fine liner brush:'precision application of liquid of cream eyeliner.'
I was glad to see this brush was in my set replacing the 'Pixel Point' brush which was included in previous editions of this kit. The previous brush was highly critiqued due to it's abnormal thickness and flimsy which many claimed made it un-useable for eyeliner. However - the fine liner brush included in this kit is much thinner and sturdier making it great for applying thin winged liner. I found it easy to use and I honestly am useless at applying eyeliner - hence why I never wear it!

Brow Brush: 'distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows.'
I personally have stumps for eyebrows. After spending the past four years shaving them off to draw them on in an array of funky styles, I'm currently in the process of re-growing them. Due to this, I'm an eyebrow loving kind of girl and this brush was the one I was most eager to try out, and I wasn't disappointed. The tapered cut of this crush allows precision accuracy when drawing out the tail of the brow and thanks to it's fluffy bristles it doesn't pick up too much product, resulting in a natural looking brow. I feel the medium length handle helps a lot as I find it terribly difficult to achieve precision with a very short or long handle. Perfect!

Overall, this kit is a winner. There isn't one brush in this kit I feel lets the kit down or isn't useful. I love each of the brushes equally and especially enjoy the metallic purple handles which look oh so stylish. I'd honestly recommend these to anyone, wether you are a make-up lover or just a beginner as you really can't go wrong with this kit, especially when Pixiwoo have an array of tutorials online showing how to use them! 

You can purchase the kit for yourself on the Real Techniques website or in Boots or Superdrug here in the UK. They vary from roughly £18-23 in price .

Do you have the kit? What's your favourite Real techniques brush? Any tips on using them? 
I'd love to know!


  1. What a fantastic review, Abbey! I'm sure that after reading this they would be a perfect gift for my auntie Claire! Have a +1 and give yourself a pat on the back for this!

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  3. It's amazing! another good eye kit if you need a cheaper option but just as good is the Soap & Glory one Yaldo Eye Center