My Skincare Routine // Beauty.

In the past few years my skincare regime has been utterly abysmal. I have committed all the cardinal sins of keeping good skin - the main one? sleeping in my make-up.  I feel this was due to my lack of eyebrows (let's be real, I don't have any) so I ended up keeping them on to snapchat and what ever else I needed eyebrows for.

But this is in the past. This year I have made a serious effort to kick my skin into shape with a reasonable skincare routine which I'm pleased to say is working. I've been seriously sticking to this new regime and have seen a vast improvement in the health of my skin. Unless we're talking this week, I've developed a proper belter of a lump on my chin - thanks ovaries!

I don't use many products at all within my regime, which I feel is what makes it so effective. Due to it's simplicity, I can't find an excuse not to do it, and can fit it in even when my eyes are closing. So, here's a rundown of what I'm using at the moment and what's working for my skin! 

This is going to be a total anti-climax, because let's face it, I don't do all that much.

Firstly, I use a tea tree facial scrub, this one I picked up in homebargins for a quid and it does the job perfectly! It is gentle enough I can use it every day, but harsh enough that it leaves my face feeling baby smooth. The tea tree makes your face feel so clean and polished which is ideal, it's a great 'Wake up' morning scrub! 

After, I use this tea tree foaming wash by Superdrug. I honestly can't get enough of it. It's so soothing on the skin and feels so hydrating even through it removes dirt and grease perfectly. Like the scrub, it's got that tingly 'wake up' feel which I love. I normally use this when after my scrub at night if I haven't used my scrub in the morning, or on it's own with a toner if the scrub has already been used. Priced at £3.29 it's hardly a bank breaker and seems to last for a good few months! You can grab it here.

I then use the Simple soothing toner on my skin both morning and night which I use on cotton pads. I honestly couldn't rave enough about this toner. It's under £2 and leaves my skin feeling plumped, softened and revitalised. It's a dream and a little 200ml bottle lasts me two months! It contains aloe and witch hazel which combat acne, reduce puffiness and release moisture back into the skin which is sometimes lost whilst cleansing. I can 100% see the difference in my skin when I stop using it and wouldn't be without it now. You can grab it here!

I finally finish my routine with a moisturiser - I use the Simple 'Kind to skin'  rich moisturiser. It's not the best moisturiser I'll say that but it's not the worst and gets the job done. It's not quite as rich as I'd like and smells a little funky, but I'm still on the hunt for a good one!

All together, they leave me with pretty clear skin which hasn't broke out in months (unless hormonal, cause that we've just gotta deal with.)

Could you recommend me a better moisturiser? What do you use?
I'd love to hear!


  1. I need to get myself a skincare routine, I'm all over the place right now! I use benefit - total moisture though and it is amazing! It's quite thick and it sinks into your skin, I found simple to be too thin and runny. :( x

  2. Yeah! that's my problem too! Although It aint the best for my skin my favourite is the Soap and Glory body butter on my face! I know I shouldn't but it makes it feel amazing!X

  3. I love some of these myself! They're fantastic! Xxx