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Monday, 6 October 2014 2 comments

I'm a sucker for local talent - theres nothing better than discovering a new artists and finding out they grew up close by. Theres something about it that makes them so much more relatable.  I recently found this with local band Prides - their artsy honest sound grabbed tight me from the word go.

It’s been a great year for Prides, the artsy Scottish synthpop band appear to have done it all.  From smashing their set on the main stage of the famous Wickerman festival, to closing the 2014 Commonwealth Games in front of a home crowd in Glasgow.  But this is only the beginning for this quirky trio and from the sounds of their new single I Should Know You Better  there’s plenty more success on it’s way. 

Similar to their previous releases, Prides' effortlessly honest vocals that form one of the most appealing aspects.  The unmistakeable harmonies paired alongside the upbeat percussion and synth, results in a powerful combination, emotionally overwhelming at points but nevertheless a song that will have you dancing before the first chorus. 

I Should Know You Better  is a perfectly written, modern love song.  The emotionally tugging lyrics, “I know that we will live forever now but even so, I should know you better by now” are repeated throughout the track with haunting sincerity.  The urgency of Stewart Brock’s voice digs in deep, and contrasts impeccably with the buoyant synth, resulting in an anthem like sound with immense amounts of power and soul.

Prides - I Should Know You Better  is out now
 via Island Records and can be purchased via itunes

This article was originally written for feature on Scottish Fiction, you can find it here.


  1. I've already checked this out on Scottish Fiction but it was refreshing to read again! Great work honey, +1! xx

  2. Thanyou my angel, Your continued support means the world! xx


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