September/October favourites Part 1 // Favourites

I'm a little late with this one, don't you think? 

September (and now October) were busy months, I finished my internship with iSwapsy and returned to college, causing buckets full of stress and a pocket full of SAAS (see what I did there?) I picked up a few bits and bobs over the two months which I've really enjoyed and found love for some good old products which had somehow made it to the back of the drawer. So sit tight, get a cuppa and have a wee look at what I've managed to snap up this month, and last. Oops!

I will publish part 2 of my monthly favourites later in the week when I'm able to take some photos! This will include all my favourite beauty and fashion bits!

Also, I will apologise for the photo quality in this post - I'm waiting for my new lighting to arrive so I'm currently having to make do with the dull Scottish lighting which tends to be rubbish for shooting in at this time of the year!

Bojack Horseman:

I don't watch TV. I watch a fair few documentaries online, but I really don't enjoy watching films or mind numbing TV. Despite this, I have really enjoyed the new Netflix series 'Bojack Horseman'. The hilarious and heart-wrenching series about a washed up, alcoholic, ex TV hero horse is just something I quickly fell in love with. It's much more mature and meaningful than previous adult comedy animations such as Family Guy or American Dad and is hooking from the first episode. This quickly became my favourite show and sadly the series was completed within two days. Good things should last forever. *Sobs*

Sheet; Urban outfitters:

I love photography and any type of visual art. So i love 'SHEET', the Urban outfitters zine! It's currently on it's fifth edition which is in a Japanese style if I'm correct. I love the visual art featured within and I currently have the works of  the last issue plastered across my walls. I find it truly inspiring, you might too! You can pick it up in your local Urbans or you can view this quirky flick right here

Katy Perry - Prism:

Recently I've been loving Katy Perry. I've never been a massive fan before and she's not my type of usual artist to listen to at all but after listening to her discography with my partner last month she's became a daily morning jam! Her album Prism is packed with great tracks which I've been belting out all month... "THIS IS HOW WE DO!" You can grab it here!

I also snapped up a new camera this month! I have owned a DSLR for many years now but wanted something smaller and more portable. Equipped with HD recording, but still with the capabilities of a DSLR, I picked up the Lumix GF6.  It's a gorgeous looking wee thing! It also works a treat and takes some super great photos, not to mention IT HAS A SELFIE SCREEN! All of my photos for this blog were taken on it! You can find it here!


I've loved cacti for years and own roughly 15 of them which many would consider a bit of a problem but that isn't the point of this post. I have been loving these mini cacti from IKEA this month! They're super sweet and come in an array of different shapes, sizes, forms and pots which is really cute. They're currently priced at £4 for a pack of three which is an absolute bargain! As you can see, I've already grabbed quite a few.

I also grabbed two bigger Cacti! I know what you're thinking; I'm crazy. I agree. These were £3 each though, not bad! While we're here, I'd like to give a wee shout out to 'In Bloom' whose magazine you can see above! It's a fab little mag showcasing Glaswegian talent. You can pick it up in a variety of shops across the globe, or you could get it to delivered to your door from here!

X Mug:

Cosmopolitan magazine, Asos magazine, Tiger Mug, Buhda

Lastly, I finally picked up this quirky little mug from Tiger! They don't have an online store but they're popping up on quite a few high streets these days. They remind me weirdly of a kind of IKEA / Urban outfitters but at a fraction of the cost of either. This mug was £1!

Well that's all folks! I know we're a little late with this one, but bear with me.
What did you like the most? Have you picked up anything similar?


  1. The £1 Tiger mug is brilliant - what a bargain! Also, don't apologise for the lighting in this post, it looks more than fine to me! Have a lovely weekend :)


    1. I know! a quid! I always worry about it the Scottish light is well non existent and makes taking photos absolute murder at the moment and my Soft boxes aren't here yet! boo!

      Hope you had an awesome weekend angel! xx

  2. I love the mug too! What a lil find! You should totally listen to more of Katy Perry- she's soo much more than just her singleso!X

    1. She's a total belter, we love her so so much! Thanks for the comment angel! xx

  3. That "X" mug is my favourite. I love it because of my ADHD and when I'm in your room, it's something that takes my focus and isn't strenuous for me to concentrate on when it kicks off! This was a great post. For the record, I'm glad we started listening to Katy Perry. +1 to you honey! Xxx