Sleek 'Face Form' Palette Review // Beauty Review

Now come on, don't deny it; we all lust over that Kim Kardashian contour and highlight - I myself would love nothing more than to be able to work my magic in the mornings and have a face sculpted just as perfectly as hers. I've been a lover of a good contour for a good year or two now and have dabbled with an array of different products in that time. Sadly, I have never found a contour powder I have truly loved, I've found it so difficult to find a matte contour tone which isn't overly orangey and had began to lose hope on ever finding that perfect tone. 

Then, a few weeks back my bag was stolen, including ALL of my staple makeup pieces (including over 90 quids worth of MAC, but we aint even going to talk about that) forcing me to repurchase all a full new makeup bag.  I browsed Superdrug frantically for some new skin pieces and stumbled across the Sleek Face form palette.

I had heard alot about Sleek's contour palettes - especially the older versions with only two tones in them, and most had received pretty good reviews, I felt due to this that the new 'Face form' model would be a good one to try.  

The palette is only £10, which I feel is very reasonable for a three pan palette. It includes a matte contour tone, a shimmery highlight and a blusher in the light and fair palettes and a bronzer in Medium and dark. I myself aren't that tanned although I enjoy quite a heavy bronzed look so decided to go for the medium version. 

I made the right choice with medium - although in the packaging the colours look very dark their actual payoff isn't quite as frightening if used correctly. I feel that a light hand is key with this product as the contour and bronzer in my case are extremely pigmented which is great as you need very little product to achieve the desired look. The powders are also very long lasting,  I can apply my makeup at 7am and it's all still there, fresh as ever by 9pm that evening, making it totally worth the money in my books. The actual colours are a winner too - I personally found that the contour tone wasn't too orange toned, but also not too cool that it looked like mud either. This is a rarity in drugstore makeup and something I am delighted about, it sits great on the skin creating a flawless structured look. The bronzer is also a gorgeous colour, far to red toned for me to use as it's initial purpose but it has made and absolutely stunning blusher for the apples of my cheeks.  

The highlighter not so much for me - when swatched it looked lovely, a gorgeous glittery tone but sadly on my face it didn't even show and was unnoticeable, but as Fall out boy once said " Two out of three ain't bad."

The packaging with this product like all sleek products is minimalistic, expensive looking and travel friendly - something which I didn't realise till recently is so valuable. The palette also has an amazing mirror in it, It's large, compact and I always remember it = total winner.

This product is a great staple for your makeup bag, and used properly can help you achieve a flawless structured face to make even Kim K jealous... well maybe not, but we can dream cant we? 

If you want to get your hands on the palette and try it out for yourself all shades are available online to purchase here.

What do you use to achieve that perfect contour? How do you feel about this palette? 
I'd love to hear what you think of it!


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  2. If I was a female, you'd definitely have me sold on this product. Excellent work, Abs! +1 honey! Xxx