The Liebster Award // Other bits.

I've been around in the blogging community for a wee while, although not always active I have seen the Liebster Award floating around and have found them interesting to read. I feel they give you an insight into the new, fresh blogs which are growing within the community and the angels behind them. 

This week I have been nominated not once by twice by two gorgeous gals on twitter - The lovely Paige from The Beauty Paige and the super sweet Carolanne Davies - click their names to see their blogs! So, I guess it's time I get this done. If you're unsure how this works it's pretty simple. I'll answer the questions given to me, nominate 10 bloggers of my choice with under 200 followers and then ask them 12 questions of my own! 

Since I was nominated twice I have double the questions to answer, so this could get long!

What's your current favourite trend?
I'm quite guilty of not keeping up with trends - they've never been something that have overly interested me. But I do love the whole Monochrome checks and fluffy fabrics thing that s going on at the moment if that counts!

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?
This is simple, It has to be Iced pumpkin spiced lattes. I don't like hot coffee, but iced coffees are never out my hand.

What's your all time favourite lip product?
I think my all time favourite lip product would have to be a Mac lipstick of some sort, maybe Russian red or Angel.

What's your favourite winter food?
Carrot and coriander soup with buttery thick sliced brown bread or Avocado on toast!

 If you had to choose one product that you could never change again, what would it be? 
I don't like this question! I love trying new products. I'd probably say my highlighter choices as I'm super happy with them and feel that they're super versatile and build able. As much as I feel my foundation is perfect I genuinely love dabbling with new ones!
So yes, my  highlighters which are the MUA iridescent gold and Benifit's Sunbeam!

Who is the last person you spoke to?

My partner David, he lives with my four nights a week so I'm never away from him for long. He has a music blog, which you can find here.

 What is your day job/would you like to blog full time or just a hobby?
I am currently in my second year of studying media communications and do quite a bit of freelance work here and there in Public relations and social media. I also do a lot of catering work for special/corporate events and was lucky enough to work at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. 

I would love to make a job of blogging but I don't think it could be my sole job. I love working in public relations and social media too much to just blog!

Who's your current favourite blogger?

My current favourite bloggers are both from Scotland like myself. 
They're definitely Gh0st Parties and Satin Milk. Both blogs have so much style and roduce posts I find myself re-reading. Totally winners.

Are you a candle lover? If so, what's your favourite brand/scent?
I'm not a brand person when It comes to candles. I cannot afford Yankees on my student loan and frankly at the amount I burn them it would be a waste. I love 'fresh linen' scents and those cinnamon type ones you get at this time of year! Yum!

A product you could not live without?
Currently, Soap and Glory's 'The daily smooth' body butter. Urgh it's so hydrating on my dry winter skin. perfect!

What product is currently at the top of your wishlist?
An array of Anistasia brow products. It's all about them brows.

A product that disappointed you?
I don't own it anymore, but it was MAC face and body. It did nothing for me! total waste!

Would you consider becoming a Vlogger and why?
I would, yeah. I enjoy recording and editing material and feel it's a good platform for reviews etc. 

What’s your go-to outfit?
This is easy, my turtle neck white longsleave and Farleigh mom jeans both from ASOS with fishnet socks (also from asos), Cut out Vagabonds (cannot remember their name) and my oversized pink boyfriend coat I picked up in Primark!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Blogging, chilling with my angel and the odd bit of reading. I'm boring.

Something that you really want to buy but can’t afford/get hold of?
Some Zoeva brushes and lots and lots of make-up. *sobs*

What’s your dream job?
Social media marketing manager for some amazing brand which I love, or an owner of my own PR agency.  THE DREAM
Favourite junk food?
uh, Salt and pepper chicken balls. David and I's one true weakness. 
or chicken pakora...

Tea or Coffee?
Depends. I love green tea, or normal sugary tea if it's cold. 
I also love cold or iced coffee. But not hot coffee.

Your on a desert island and can take three of your possessions, what do you take?
My eyebrow kit, because I don't have any, the ring David got me and probably David. Is it legal or even morally okay to call your boyfriend a possession? Probably not.

Describe your style?
'I like this, It's going on' I like ripped things, black things, chunky things and boyish styles paired with feminine accessories. 

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Expressing myself and getting to interact with other people that love the same things as I do. It's therapeutic and sociable!

Woah, that's that done! So heres my nominees, I'm going on Bloglovin followers btw.
Alice In boots!
Bitsy Skerry!
J'adore Caroline
The Fashion Antlers

My questions are:

What products do you tend to use more in the winter?
What's your favourite winter shoe and accessory?
Who's your current favourite blogger and why?
What do you find the most challenging part of blogging?
Your blog may be stylish, but if we saw you while you were writing blogposts - what would you be wearing?
What is your main inspiration to blog?
What makeup and outfit combination makes you feel your most confident?
What is your favourite blogpost you have produced and why? Link us!
Have you ever made an embarrassing style/make up faux pa? What was it? 
What's your favourite part of blogging and the community that comes with it?
What tip would you give to anyone starting blogging?
And finally, why did you start your blog to begin with?

Well that's it! Over! 
I'm looking forward to seeing everyones answers! 


  1. This was a cool read and regardless of being your boyfriend, I learned a little bit more about you which was awesome so thanks for that! Now I know exactly what you're all about make-up wise, it makes MY life totally easier. For the record, I'll let you making me your possession slip this time. You can have that one sweetie. Xxx

  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa