Real Techniques Nic's Pics Review // Beauty

Since I seen the photos online I've been on the hunt. Searching high and low in every boots in sight for them, but they were nowhere to be found. But now, I've got them in my grasp. 

Yesterday, I finally managed to grab me a set of the Real Techniques Nic's picks brushes. The shiny silver applicators have been on my mind for over a month now and have been the cause of much disappointment within that time. 

Anyway, If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I already own a few sets of Real Techniques brushes which I love dearly (you can find my previous Real Techniques review here). So, when the Nic's picks set was announced i was elated as you can imagine. Last year, Sam and Nic released Sam's picks. Which were good don't get me wrong, but considering most of the brushes included, if not all were previous releases they wern't something to lose sleep over.

But this year it's very different. Not only do Nic's picks come in super shiny chrome, but there's three new exclusive brushes included! The 5 piece set, packaged as shown above retail at £20 in Superdrug  at the moment, which is a massive £10 cheaper than Boots and super affordable for five great quality and versatile brushes. They come neatly packaged in foam to protect the brushes and have information on Pixiwoo's tutorials and the products on the back of the box which is super helpful for first time users! 

Apon opening the box I can tell you these brushes are a work of art. They're sturdy and strong like all of the Real Techniques brushes and also have the 'signature' two tone handles which are notable on the other Real Technique sets. The chrome is extremely shiny and looks ever so expensive which is great considering they retail at roughly £4 per brush! The bristles are also ridiculously soft and are secure. 

The set includes all you need to construct the perfect look according to Sam and Nic and I can believe this with the great range of brushes within the kit. Nic's pick includes one super soft duo-fiber face brush, a fluffy base shadow brush and three brushes which are exclusive to the set. These exclusives include a dense cheek brush, an angled shadow brush and a super precise eyeliner brush. I myself have been most looking forward to the duo-fiber face brush and the eyeliner brush because I feel it will be perfect for doing my brows! 

Sadly, this kit doesn't come with a carry case like the previous face and eye sets which I find quite disappointing. I really love the usual panoramic cases which came with the previous kits and find them great for storing the brushes when not in use - but that's my only niggle and it isn't even a big one!  

Duo-fiber Face Brush.
 "for lightweight application + blending of face powder or pigments
The first in the set is the duo-fiber face brush. I would agree with Real Tech's description it's perfect for light application and blending. The brush feels extremely light and soft on the skin and is great for people who tend to be heavy handed with powder. It is great because it only distributes a small amount of product eliminating the possibility of an accidental cakey looking face. This is great for me as I always tend to apply too much powder and ruin my look through this. I would definitely recommend this brush and have found myself using it not only for setting powder but also my bronzer as it applies a light glow to the face without being overpowering. This is definitely one of my favourites from the set. 

Cheek Brush.
"evenly applies makeup across cheekbone for a more dramatic finish"
This is a set exclusive and I really like this brush - but couldn't see myself using it for it's initial purpose. The bristles on the brush are firm, extremely dense and tend to pick up and distribute a great amount of product. This would be great for foundation but I feel gives too much for a dramatic look for the cheeks that can result in your face looking tacky (come on you know what I mean, that overpowering pink blush look!) . I wear a dark contour on a daily basis and I am no stranger to an extremely defined face but this brush was far too dense and bold for me to build up my desired natural glow. Therefore I feel like it'll be probably making it's way into my foundation routine somehow instead.

Angled Shadow Brush.
"perfectly cut for layering eye shadow in the crease"
I'm not massively into eyebrushes - there I said it. I feel like you can do so much with a set few brushes so I never tend to get overly excited over them. I really do like this brush though! I feel it's a great size for my big eyes and I really like how delicately at applies colour to my crease. Although, for people with smaller eyes it may be a little too big! It's super soft and fluffy too which is great!

Base Shadow Brush.
"applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour"
I already have this brush which I purchased in the Real Techniques eye starter set (you can see a full review of this brush and the set here!) so I decided to switch things up and  try this brush with concealer instead. I've been loving the finish it's giving me and how easily it blends cream products! 

Eyeliner Brush.
"firm, angled head for optimal control along lash line"
Finally we're on to one of my favourite brushes in this set. Apon first sight of this brush I knew it would make the perfect eyebrow brush and it definitely is. It's quite small for what most people would use for their brows but it does mine perfectly. What I like compared to the previous eyeliner brush made by Real Techniques is that it picked up and distributed a lot more product and gives a more vibrant result! This eyeliner brush has got the perfect density and stiffness to apply cream products, so it's a total winner in my books!

Overall, the set is great. The aesthetic and quality of the brushes are absolutely spot on and are well worth the affordable price tag. I would say my highlights are defintely the eyeliner and Duo-face brush although the full set have quickly became staples in my daily makeup routine. I'd defintely grab them if you get a chance because they may not be around much longer due to their limited edition status.

They are almost £10 cheaper in Superdrug than they are in boots so thats definitely another thing to remember if you feel they'd be your thing!  You can grab them for £20 here

Whats your favourite brush in the set? What do you think of the shiny aesthetic? I'd love to know!


  1. Great review! I enjoyed reading this little piece! Glad you like your brushes sweetie. I'm happy to have bought you them, your face when you got them was priceless and worth every little penny spent on such a wee gift. I love you darling! Xxx

  2. Izzy + Marian

    Amazing revirew! thanks!
    They'll definitely be my next buy

  3. That's so cool! I know what you mean about losing sleep over things like that:) I might look into those brushes, mine aren't the best quality and it's quite bothersome.
    Ariana //

    1. Ooh! They're definitely a good buy - and £10 cheaper in superdrug! x

  4. Great post!
    so many details, I dont have any idea about makeup so I don't have a favourite brush but these seems pretty great:D