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I haven't been around for a while, my apologies. I've been going through some of the toughest weeks/months of my life and for my sanity's sake my blog needed to take the back seat. Thanks to a lot of love from my friends Emma, Marianne, Connor and Trisha to name a few, I'm back on track and better than ever. Thanks angels!

Anyway, Some of you may know (or not know) that I am a constant wearer of acrylic nails. I always have a set on my nails and never have them off for more than an hour a month probably not the best, but it's how I roll.  Despite this, I've never really delved into slightly pricier nail varnishes and have always stuck to the old cheapies such as Barry M.  But recently they haven't been cutting it. I've been asking myself time and time again 'Whats the point in spending £25+ a month on acrylics if they always look rubbish due to constantly chipping nail polish!"

So, this month I decided to purchase a couple of new nail polishes from a few pricer (Yet still drugstore brands) to see how they compare and if their worth a few extra pounds.

The first two I purchased are from the highly raved about brand O.P.I. I am somewhat familiar with O.P.I as my local salon tends to use a lot of their polishes on my nails so I felt this was a great place to start.  Both of the polishes I bought were from the Nicole by O.P.I range which is available in most Superdrug stores at the moment and they both are retailing at £7.99 each at the moment, which at first I found a little steep I'm not going to lie

The first polish I grabbed was from the Roughles line which is a range of pastel tones infused with rough coloured almost sand like particles giving a pebbled finish on the nails. I purchased the colour 'I'm Stucco on you.' which is a gorgeous pastel lilac tone with red and blue particles. I really like the colours of the polish and I feel it looks great on the nails and without a topcoat it still lasted a few days on my nails without chips and dents - Which is a miracle for me! 

To accompany this I bought the Nicole by O.P.I  ' Quick drying Topcoat' . I wasn't quite as impressed with this polish - Don't get me wrong there was nothing wrong with it, but I just didn't find it set my nails very hard nor did it dry very quickly. 

Disappointed by my top coat encounters so far I decided to buy another. This time I went with the 'Revlon Quick dry topcoat.' Now this was a totally different story. This polish set my nails almost instantly to a rock hard state and stayed chip free for 4-5 days! That's a total record in my books as I'm a nail chewer. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how it made my nails look and at over a pound cheaper at £6.49 I couldn't have been more pleased, 

Finally, I grabbed a good old Essie nail polish for a grand total of nothing the other day thanks to Superdrug's amazing 3 for 2 offer. I had dabbled a little with Essie before but I had never owned a polish of my own before. I grabbed a good old glitter polish in the shade 'A cut above' which is a gorgeous rose gold pinkish shade. I have been so heavily impressed by this polish the glitter is shiny and bright and the polish itself without a topcoat is still chip free four days in, What more could I ask for?!

Overall I've been so impressed with my slightly pricier nail splurges, I feel the extra few quid does provide your with a lot more resilience and quality which is something oh so important with my tallons. Above is a photo of my slightly grubby paws after four days wear of the Essie polish and the Revlon topcoat!

What is your favourite polish brands? 
Or do you know any must have shades I need to pick up?

Also,  two of my angels Marianne and Trisha have absolutely cracking blogs that you need to take a swatch of! Click their names to have a peek!


  1. I always hate it when I make a load of effort to paint my nails and then they manage to get chipped, That Essie Polish looks amazing! So sparkly!

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella

    1. Me too! The revlon topcoat is insanely good though!


  2. Wow how gorgeous is the essie glitter!! Looks just stunning on ! I am definitely in need of a nail polish haul soon haha! :) xxxx


    1. I'm so impressed by it! and it comes off easy with nail polish remover too - Winner! x