February Wishes // Beauty, Fashion and Tech!

January is over and thank goodness for that because frankly, It has been so stressful. February is here and I'm very happy, finally I'm back into a 'somewhat' normal routine and it's only eleven days to my birthday!

I've been so fussy recently and nothing in the shops has been seeming to catch my eye, but I've finally found a few little staple bits which I'm totally wishing for this month.

First off are my beauty wishes this month. 1. Velvet teddy by MAC, Itseems to be such a hype at the moment but I really love the colour. 2. Essie - Master Plan, a perfect nudey nail shade that won't chip or peel, it's an essential! 3. MAC Minrealise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, another makeup hype but one i'd love to try as there's nothing nicer than dewy, shiny skin. 4. Essie - First Timer another great Essie polish in such a cool shade.

Then we move on to the other collection of bits; 5. Fuji film Instax Mini Polaroid Camera in Pink, I want nothing more than to have some great polaroids to help me remember my birthday thats coming up and this camera is just the sweetest way to capture them, so cute. 6. Fluffy Phone case from Topshop, I've been lusting over this case for so long but they don't make it for my phone, ah! Does anyone know any alternatives? 7. Fluffy Roll top bag from Topshop, another item i've been lusting over for a while and it's finally down in the sale! It's fuffy texture and gorgeous pastel green tone would go perfect with my new Pippa Lynn duster coat which I spoke about here! Finally, last but not least number 8. These gorgeous "Sagittarius" heels from Topshop. As my birthday is on the horizon, so are nights out. As I'm not a going out person I don't own many heels, but now I think I've found the perfect pair. They're perfect for dressing up with skirts and sparkly dressing for nights out, but also sophisticated enough to go with a smart pair of jeans for a laid back look.

What are you wishing for this month? Anything similar to me? Let me know!


  1. oh my gosh-that fluffy phone case is so cool & reminds me so much of the 1990's!i used to have a fluffily bin haha:)love the essie polish shades you are lusting after:)xx

    1. I know, so retro! I need to find one that fits my phone! Thanks! Love your blog, fellow scot! Xx

  2. Cool post and some very nice pieces! I hope you get everything you want and a very Happy 18th Birthday to you when it comes around! x

    Something More Than Reviews

  3. I recommend the Instax. Well I've got the Polaroid but they're identical. They take the same film and you can get it cheap off eBay in bulk from Japan and Korea!
    x GNAR MOSH x