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Since 2015 begun, It's been hectic. From deadlines and projects to trying to maintain a social life and sometimes my sanity, it's been pretty busy. Now January is over I've had a little time to let things calm down, and as my birthday is fast approaching I thought I'd give you a quick overview of what's been going on in my world for the the past month or so. I've decided I'm going to do one of these every few months or so, to keep track of what's been happening this year. Here is a rather boring part one!

1.  University - In January, I got the dreaded "Something has changed in your application" email from UCAS, and my heart actually sank. I've never been so terrified in my life, and i genuinely believe if my best friend hadn't been excitedly sitting next to me egging me on, I'd still not have opened the email. But I did and I was so happy to read that I've got a conditional offer for my third year at one of my top universities doing my dream course. I honestly couldn't be happier with myself for even getting a conditional, and it's totally motivated me to do well this year.

2. Snow - The snow here in Glasgow has been ridiculous, but I can't deny I've been loving it. Emma and I got caught off guard when it started a few weeks back, and It took us almost three hours to get home because of a few inches of snow, which then was obviously followed by a snowball fight (a rather pathetic one mind you).  I've found it a total mood booster because everywhere has looked so bright with a little dusting of snow. I've been loving it.

3. Gorgon City -  This week I was such a lucky girl and was taken to see Gorgon City at the O2 Abc by one of my good friends. It was such a great night and I was really surprised by them! It was amazing to see the live band accompanying the Dj's and I found it all really intresting to see live, it was super entertaining. The atmosphere was also great, which is so typical of Glasgow tour dates but overall it was an amazing night and I had a blast. Thanks Andrew!

4. Being Creative -  The start of the year has brought with it a lot of stress, with deadlines on the horizon i've been working harder than ever to tackle the workload. But thanks to my chosen course, it's not all that bad. I've had the pleasure recently to network and collaborate with a lot of respected Scottish creatives, and learn a few new skills. I've also been lucky to be able to lend an extra set of hands to one of my good friends shooting an amazing short film. I've had so much fun getting to sit in on auditions and be around the shooting and I even got to interview a local actor/rapper, who's doing amazing at the moment. It's been such a pleasure.

Incase you're not familiar with Gorgon City I'll add a link to one of their tracks here. You should totally give them a listen!

What have you been up to recently? Anything Exciting? Let me know!

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