Change is a comin' // Blog Update

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed. But I've been a little missing in action recently. 

My life has got quite hectic; between extracurricular activities, work experience, college projects and film festivals I've been one busy lady and don't get me wrong, I love blogging - but it had to take a backseat. 

My eighteenth birthday arrived and with it brought new opportunities and experiences - and no, I don't mean drunken evenings in nightclubs. Blogging has been my last priority at the moment, which makes me sad to say, but sometimes I feel like you need a break to re-ignite the fire for it. And it has. 

Changes are a comin'. I've realised recently that beauty and fashion is one of my loves, but not the full extent of my passions. I feel like I don't always produce my best work writing about beauty and fashion all of the time, and therefore I will from now on be writing about more of my passions. Primarily, the Scottish (and UK wide) creative industries and the amazingly talented people and projects that are buzzing within that umbrella.

I have changed and evolved so much since this blog started, back then it was merely an escape from the dark place I was in. Now, it's a love and an outlet to share my happiness, and I feel as I grow, the blog must too. 

So this post marks a goodbye, to the old, beauty specialised 'A Girl called Glasgow' and is a hello to a blog with more passion, about everything I love (still including beauty!). 

I am currently working on a really exciting project, based around the creativity that surrounds me in my hometown. If you'd like to see more about it feel free to have a snoop here and here

You can expect a lot more posts coming up in the next few weeks as my passion is back! A total refurbishment will also be following, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Until then, do what you love, and stay passionate.

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