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 Last month, I was lucky enough to have received a parcel from iWood. They specialise in making custom wooden Skins for a variety of different electronic devices from mobile phones to even gaming consoles. I personally, was lucky enough to receive a skin for my Macbook Pro. 

From the outset I was impressed that they actually stocked my type of skin. Incase you don't know Macbooks come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and models which can make it pretty difficult sourcing properly fitting skins but iWood had them all. So, my Macbook Pro, 13" with Retina display and no disk drive was perfectly catered for. (Bit of a mouthful huh?)

Upon ordering the skin, I was given the choice of not only what style I wished to receive but also, what wood I would like it made from. I found this totally crazy how they could not only make the skins from one type of wood, but a variety of types of wood.  I personally was in love with a retro Gatsby style which was new to their site, and after much pondering I decided that I wanted it in the Walnut wood. You can see it here.

A close up of the 'Gatsby' skin in Walnut wood. Note the gorgeous embossed texture.
The company as a whole presented impeccable customer service. The iWood inc staff were super friendly and supportive and helped me choose the style and wood that would suit me best. I felt this personal touch and sense of care really added to the experience and It made me feel like my custom to them was more than just a profit. Which is really impressive. 

I received my parcel very quickly, despite slow mail due to bad weather here in the UK it arrived the next day, safe and sound. This gets a massive thumbs up for me as I'm terribly impatient, and also considering that my skin was made-to-order I felt this was ridiculously good. 

Upon opening I found the skin, still perfectly flat but with no instructions, which initially I thought was slightly odd, but now I understand as the iWood skins are ridiculously easy to apply due to their sticky backing and if you're still not sure they have step by step video tutorials on their youtube channel. And they're ACTUALLY USEFUL. Theres nothing worse than getting instructions that resemble IKEA instructions - I study media, not rocket science.

Once applied, I left the skin to settle, with books at either sides to keep the skin flat. It looked absolutely gorgeous and feels ridiculously luxurious and expensive. The wood gives a really earthy feel to my Macboook, while maintaining it’s ultra-slimline and modern appearance due to how thin and smooth the skin is produced. 

The style I chose was the ‘Gatsby” which is available on their website here, it is embossed with a gorgeous sleek art deco style which feels seriously smooth to the touch, which surprised me considering the medium of the skins is wood. The skins are hard wearing, and are designed to fit tightly to the object - which I’ve found they do. They make the skins for a variety of models so there so no need to cut them down to fit which I found was a massive time saver and makes the product literally foolproof. They are also seriously thin and flexible which is great as the skin adds little to no thickness to the product, meaning all previously bought laptop accessories will still be useable. Winner!

The only slight problem I have suffered is minor scuffing/cracking on the corners of my skin, but this doesn’t really effect the overall look of the skin at all and was bound to happen considering the amount I use my macbook on a daily basis. This is just general wear and tear as far as I am concerned and therefore I can’t even call it a problem with the product. 

The skin is a little more pricey than a usual skin due to its medium, but I feel it is worth paying the extra for as it is definitely hard wearing and looks absolutely gorgeous when applied. I have received so many compliments on the skin when using my laptop in public and just overall love it’s appearance. 

The only area I cannot comment on is it’s removal. As it is sticky backed I am assuming it can only be applied once, this could be a downside to some but can’t see why you would want to remove the skin unless you were buying a new design. 

I would  wood (haha!)  totally recommend these skins if you’re looking for something which isn’t common and looks and feels seriously luxurious and stylish. 

Thanks again to iWood for my skin. I adore it and would definitely purchase again from them in the future. 

Check out iWood Skins on their website here where they're currently doing 20% off! You can also find iWood on Facebook right here!

See you tomorrow!

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