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My music taste is abit of a mixed pot. I still hold a lot of love for the heavier stuff which I cherished in my goth years, But it's lightened up over the years and now I tend to be singing (or head bobbing/toe tapping) along to well... pretty much everything. I'm really into feel good summer tracks at the moment so I thought i'd give you a little insight into what I'm listening to.

Pop it in 2  - Made in Heights 

I'm loving this track at the moment. It's got such a chilled summer party vibe to it which just is just something else. It's a hard track to describe and I'd cringe labelling it 'synth-pop' but I think that's what I'm just going to have to call it. It's packed with some really catchy lyrics and has one of those totally toe-tapping beats. It's a must listen! Another great Made in heights track is forgiveness - blast that too!

Hot Skin - Sam Feldt

I saw Sam Feldt live a few months ago with Thomas Jack in the much loved Glasgow Arches and it was a great night despite the surprisingly small crowd. All of Sam Feldt's tracks are brilliant in my opinion but there's something so so good about Hot skin. It's got such a kind of retro melodic house sound and is just one of those tracks that puts you onto a mental sunny beach no matter how you're feeling. This is a total summer jam.

Shine - Matoma Remix 

Matoma is a total god of tropical house and always brings out great tracks but Shine is arguably one of his best. It's musical sunshine which I just can't stop listening to. Like Hot skin, it's just one of those songs that transports you to a sunny beach and is perfect for hot summer evenings. 

Will I make it home tonight? - Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles isn't one of my frequently played artists - I'll say that much. But this track is great. It's a simplistic and cool - just repeated sobering vocals over a gloomy deep instrumental. I have to say I love it and I catch myself shoving it on more than I'm proud of. God my boyfriend will be proud (or cringing) . 

Know me better and Firefly - Mura Masa 

Both of these tracks are brilliant. They totally blend current tropical/house trends and sample some cracking vocals which are so catchy. They're both really feel good, head-bobbing tracks which will shove you into a great mood and are created by such a talented human. theres not a track by Mura Masa I wouldn't recommend.

Click here to see this month's spotify playlist, a compilation of what I'm listening to at the moment. Follow me on spotify to see what else I'm playing! 

What's your favourite track of the moment?

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