My Current Skin Saviour // Beauty

I'm not like most 'beauty bloggers' I don't really have a set skin routine - I just tend to do what I feel my skin needs when it needs it. But recently, my skin has been playing up - big time.

I can't be alone in this, I'm sure others get the dreaded red lumps that aren't-quite-fully-fledged-spots but god knows what they actually are things - so I thought I'd share what has saved my skin recently and won't break your bank if you're a student like me!

My little saviour is the Peau Naturelle Organic Anti-Blemish Facial oil. I'm not a massive fan of oils usually, as because I already have oily skin I find them to create an absolute oily mess on my face - but I've been getting on with this oil great. My skin seems to quickly absorb the product, which prevents that greasy face feeling and it leaves my skin moisturised and plump. It has a slight smell but nothing too strong and it's a really pleasant almost lavender scent which fades pretty quickly.

I've been using the product for  a week straight now as a before bed moisturiser and I've seen a dramatic improvement in my skin's texture and colour. My redness has subsided and my breakouts almost completely away. These effects were noticeable after probably a day or so, it's fast working I'll give it that.

The effects of the oil are long lasting, and it is also light enough to be worn under makeup as a moisturiser. I've found that it doesn't make my skin any oilier, and I actually felt it kept my foundation on longer than my usual moisturiser which is madness.

I love the fact that the oil is a mixture of great things for your skin which are truly organic. I'm not great with ingredients and how good they are for your skin, but due to having stretched ears when I was younger and the upkeep of them I understand how amazing Jojoba oil can be on dry, malnourished skin, and I'm so happy to see it's included within this mixture of oils.  It also contains tea tree and lavender oils which I also know are great for preventing bacteria - all great stuff and no harsh chemicals what more can a girl ask for!

The only thing  I'm not mad on is that the bottle isn't squeeze at all, it's solid so you need to kind of whack it into your palm to get anything out - which is annoying. But, it wouldn't stop me from using it - it would just have made things easier.

The oil isn't available in stores as far as I'm aware, which is bloomin' annoying
 but you can grab it here for £9.99 which isn't bad at all

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  1. Urgh, I hate those things, unfortunately I've got a few at the moment, normally around that dreaded time of the month :( sounds great, I'd like to try it! X

    1. I hate them! Worst ever! totally worth trying it's worked wonders for me!

  2. sound like a brilliant skincare product! I might just try it myself soon :)

  3. Definitely try it - best I've tried hands down.

  4. I have been using this for review also and your views are the same as mine! Almost a miracle item for my horrible cystic acne prone skin x