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I love going out to eat. It's possibly my favourite pass time - can you tell?

Glasgow is bloomin fabulous for food joints, so it's not hard to find something to knaw on. This weekend Andrew and I went to see Route 94 and Duke Dumont, and so it was only right to jump out for something to eat in between. 

We headed to Bier Halle - an underrated treasure based on Gordon Street (across from TGi's if you're wondering) just off of Glasgow's famous Buchanan street. I say and underrated treasure because although Bier Halle always seems packed, both inside and out it's exterior doesn't exactly scream hello come here the food is delicious, so much is hidden behind that dark staircase and green awning.

We jamp in on Friday night around 9pm - no reservations needed. It was packed and had an amazing atmosphere, I was genuinely suprised we got a seat. Bier Halle is known obviously for it's 'Bier' and therefore we got a two-pint pitcher of some sort of odd Bier to share... Which comes with a free hotdog! Now I'd love to say I had a photo of said hot dog - but I don't. Andrew and I scoffed it before I even thought of taking a snap. I'll reassure you, it was amazing though. A proper good sausage with those leeky undertones - not a ikea cheap shot.

Before we could we even settle our food had arrived, We could literally see our food being prepared thanks to the open plan kitchen area and although it arrived so quick it looked like forever had gone into making these dishes. They looked bloomin gorgeous. 

We're a pretty indecisive pair, so decided on buying three dishes to share. (yes, that rhymes.) We went with a simple bruschetta with mozzarella, meatballs with dipping bread and a portion of chips to share. 

When the food arrived I was already impressed by the presentation - but the taste topped that. Both the meatballs and bruschetta were cooked perfectly and tasted so flavorful and vibrant. I loved the textures within the bruschetta, with the gooey cheese, crispy bread and cold fresh salad it was a pairing made in heaven and the meatballs had such a hearty home comfort warmth to them. The chips were crispy and almost felt coated (a little bit like the old burger king chips if you remember them), nothing could be faulted. The perfect meal. 

The best bit of it all was we left absolutely stuffed to the brim and the full meal and drinks came to a pretty impressive £20.80 for the two of us. The drinks were £8 odd alone, totalling the food at £12. You can't even feed two in MacDonalds for that now a days. Also if you by a pizza you get one free all the time as well - keep that in mind! 

We ended the evening by seeing Duke Dumont at The Academy in Glasgow, I wish I could say it was as cheap there. I couldn't recommend Bier Halle enough, you've got to try it out.

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