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Alcohol isn’t cheap these days. Unless you’re stuffed in a corner of a bowling club or some scruffy local, you’re going to be skinned for a whisky and coke. And that’s something, as a student I’m not okay with. Why pay six quid for a single whisky and coke when you can bring your own?

I got my first hip flask a few years ago, given to me by my friend it was a lovely little Urban outfitters number plastered with ‘Fuck my liver.’ across the front. I loved it, and still do to this day but it’s usage is apparent and the poor soul is looking worse for wear, so I was ecstatic when I received my newest addition in the post this week.

I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous new hipflask from SWIG. This was such an honour not only do I adore anything that allows me to drink my beloved whisky on the go but also they’re a true British brand who focus on aesthetics and quality – rather than mass sales and mass produced crap. What more could I ask for?

SWIG like all good brands came as a solution to a problem – the abysmal selection of hip flasks available in the UK which aren’t novelty rubbish. And they’ve solved that with their artesian flasks which are not only seamless and majestic naked – but also come with interchangeable jackets which make each flask totally customizable. SWIG even have their own society, each flask comes with it’s own unique number which allows it’s owner to join the Swig society and send it photos wherever it goes! I’m #5220 if you’re wondering and apparently wee David Cameron is #0097 but that’s only what I’ve heard!

Anyway – let’s talk the vessel. The flask came packed perfectly within a ribbon tied box, resting on a bed a paisley print padding which is so gorgeous I can’t throw it away.

In the box, I received my very own flask with the gorgeous ‘Harris Tweed’ jacket. The jacket alone feels so luxurious and expensive and really compliments the flask itself. As a Scottish girl I loved the detail telling me the jacket was ‘Hand woven in the Outer Hebrides’. I love nothing more than local products and it’s so lovely to see quality items carefully crafted.

The vessel itself is seamless which is great – because the fault with most hipflasks tends to be they come away at the seams. The mirrored steel has such a smooth finish which has the most amazing shine and has a great weight to it. I also absolutely adore the engraving of my SWIG Society number on its shoulder. Such a nice touch.

As we speak, my flask has just been filled for my next adventure with my favourite whisky. I’m so glad to have found my new companion for those cold winter months. (and the solution to quite a few Christmas presents!)

If you want to grab one of your own, you can do so here. 
You should also check them out on twitter they're quite humorous! 

*The product mentioned within this post was sent to me for my own reviewal. I was not sponsered to make this post and as always all opinions are my own.

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