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This summer has been a good one. Although I didn’t get up to any really wild adventures I spent it with the people who mean the most – which is all I could ask for.  To mark the end of summer, I thought I’d share a few items i've really enjoyed in the past few months..

I don’t think a day has passed this summer where I haven’t had a pair of sunglasses on my head. It’s practical, stylish and saves any bad hair day! My glasses of choice this summer have been the Champigny Round sunglasses* from in black. I was kindly sent this pair to try at the start of summer and I genuinely don’t think I’ve taken them off since. 

My main issue with sunglasses is that because I wear them on my head so much they tend to bend and break with all the movement but this pair have been super sturdy and still look good as new a few months on! They’re such a modern style, I’ve found them a lot more flattering on my face than other more popular styles and for some reason they’re pretty resilient to scratches too. Definitely have a look at GlassesShop if you’re looking for a pair of cheap glasses as they’ve got a great range of sunglasses and prescription glasses at super low prices. Also, GlassesShop do a deal where you get your first pair free if you pay shipping costs. So you really don’t have much to lose! sungglasses polariod fashion blog

At the start of summer I decided to change up my foundation routine and purchased both Nars all day Luminous weightless foundation in Deauville and Sheerglow in Mont Blanc. I’ve really loved both this summer and genuinely couldn’t fault them. I think I possibly prefer the look of Sheerglow on my skin as it's a lot more wearable for during the day, but I think they’re both great in the right situation. I’ll definitely be re-purchasing one of them. 
I’m just not sure which one yet!

Finally, I’ve been polaroid crazy this summer. Although I got my camera back in February, I really fell in love with it this summer when I was down in Bournemouth with my boyfriend. I love the feeling of having a physical photo you can hold. It’s so easy to lose photos stored on a hard drive and it’s great to stick photos on your walls. The smaller polaroid photo was taken on my Instax Mini and the larger ones were printed on

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  1. I love polaroid photos, I've printed out a load and used them as bunting in my lounge of all of my fave moments! Makes me smile everyday xx