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I’m a student (if you didn’t know) and there’s nothing I love more than a bargain! So when Silverburn invited me to be the official blogger for their #SilverburnStudents night last week, you know what the answer was. Yes.

Student ‘lock in’ kinda nights are new to me. Now in to my FOURTH year of being a student (third in my degree) I’ve seen them before in other shopping centres many a time. But, what made the difference with #SilverburnStudents for me, was not only the very generous discounts (Including 10% off in Urban Decay and MAC) it was the prizes that were up for grabs.

As the official blogger for the event I guess it’s pretty clear that I wasn’t allowed to win as such, but seeing the overall winners face when she won... that was like a prize to me. So I can hear you, “What was so good Abbey, that you were amazed to see it happen?” Well, I’ll tell you.

My job for the evening was to take snaps, get chatting to everyone about the events that were running throughout the evening, which included dishing out the details on some of the prizes that were up for grabs. Through out the evening there was a spin the wheel, which gave away prizes every half an hour, ranging from £100 in Paperchase to five free meals in Five guys! It was great seeing people win, and the looks on their faces were priceless – I tried to get to the wheel as often as I could to see it spin, although I tended to get caught up in action elsewhere and missed a fair few.

A lucky winner with her TGI Friday's vouchers.
Action? Telling people about the big prize of the evening. That’s what action. So the final prize I keep nattering on about was as follows: the winner, was given two minutes to run around Topshop and grab as much as they wanted(could) up to the value of SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS and keep their choices. Read that twice if you need to, I sure did. It was a prize made in heaven and I genuinely couldn’t believe it when I first got told. AND to make things better Topshop Silverburn was running 20% off all night, so you got an extra 20% on top of that seven hundred pounds making the prize really worth £840, if my brain doesn't fail me. Madness.

One of Topshop's Student shoppers, showing me what she would grab if she won!
I spent most of my evening in Topshop, educating shoppers about the competition and dealing with the sheer disbelief on their faces when they found out the prize. I am so so sorry if you’re one of the lovely girls (and guys) I hounded with information that evening – but it was for your own wardrobe’s good! The winner was chosen at random from those who tweeted #SilverburnStudents throughout the evening and it was the wonderful Lauren O’Donnell that won her very own raid of Topshop.

Our winner Lauren, Pictured left.
So about half seven it all kicked off. Lauren and I did a prep lap around Topshop – This was like a military mission, we had a minute to scope the room and plan her route – B LINE FOR THE PLAYSUITS. I REPEAT. And then, Lauren set off.

 Quite a crowd gathered and staff from all stores seemed to have came along to see the event. I have to say, I ran about with Lauren to take some photos and I’ve never been so stressed for someone in my life. BUT I was so proud of her and she got loads of fantastic pieces – even if she did start crying half way through!

When the dash was over, we could only stand in awe. As mounds of clothes, bags and shoes weighted her tired arms, jealousy was struck across the faces of everyone looking on. It was a prize made of dreams. All made possible by Silverburn.

Did you attend last Thursday? Did you win anything? 
What pieces would you have grabbed if you'd got the chance? Let me know! 

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