They took me to the Trading House // Lifestyle and Food

Last Thursday, I was invited to The Trading house on St Vincent Street for a bloggers bash -  and I attended.

Last Thursday was also my boyfriend's 20th birthday. So I was mildly apprehensive about going. I didn't want for my boyfriend and I to spend his special day listening to a sales pitch - but we decided to go in the end. When confirming our attendance we were asked what time we wanted picked up, "picked up?!" I asked Andrew rather puzzled - we couldn't have guessed what was ahead if we tried.

So, spot on seven o'clock we were picked up... in a horse-drawn bus. Now I don't know about you but it's not every day I get transported around Glasgow in a gorgeous horse drawn bus. Aboard, we received complimentary drinks - which were lovely and totally set the tone for the evening.

Around twenty minutes later we arrived at the trading house. Located in 'one of those really fancy, super gorgeous' buildings on St Vincent street just off of the majestic George Square. The building itself is absolutely breathtaking, it's decorated with a charm which feels like it's been there through generations - not just opening on Monday.

The atmosphere was buzzing. Thursday night was like a trial night - with bloggers and passers-by invited inside. The trading house has live music every night - and this night was no exception. The two boys playing with voices like paolo were fabulous and filled the whole building with warmth and atmosphere, I will say you could still hear everyone over the music which is lovely, nothing worse than screaming to your pals!

We were invited into one of the buildings more private rooms, away from the main wining and dining area, they have charm and character even more so than the rest of the building in there we were offered a beer tasting session. Our masterclass was hosted by The Trading house’s ‘Assistant Beer Guru’ Kieran. Yes, that’s genuinely his job title -  I have the business card to prove it. Kieran definitely lives up to his prestigious title, never before have I met someone with so much knowledge about beer, and things he didn’t know he researched right in front of us to provide us with the most accurate information he could! Incredible.

Kieran gave us a really extensive master class which lasted a good hour and a bit. I found it super-informative, but I was genuinely interested and intrigued by everything he said – who knew beer was so interesting? Not this girl. We also tasted a lot of beers from varying regions and produced in different styles, some of which I genuinely adored, all of which were perfectly explained by Kieran of course. Andrew also seemed really into the beer tasting which was fab, It’s nice seeing someone else so interested!

Alongside the beer, we were presented with food and meat platters to pick at. They were outstanding and I’ve been singing their praises since. I won’t bore you with too many details but my highlight of the board were the scotch eggs with runny yolk. Simply heaven. I’ll let the photo’s do the talking.

After our beer session, we were moved into the main hall in the heart of The trading House for an hour or so of cocktail tasting…and making. I really enjoyed this part of the night – we learned about the different cocktails served at the Trading house and got to make on of our own. Andrew and I both made the English Mojito, which was so refreshing and light. We had such a great laugh getting behind the bar and I’m so thankful for the patience and good humor of the bar staff because we were god awful at making them. It’s harder than it looks!

After that we were left alone to enjoy The Trading house at our own leisure. We genuinely didn’t want to leave, the atmosphere is just so comfortable and inviting and there’s so much to look at. But we had a fantastic evening and were planning our next visit before we even walked out the door. Which is next Thursday if you're wondering. 

I would definitely recommend heading down for a few cocktails and a meat & cheese board, they were outstanding and I haven’t stopped singing their praise since. We were very lucky to have been invited along and to spend the evening with the lovely fellow bloggers Nicola and Lindsay from Cakehounds and Sharon from House of Herby. Thanks to Nicola and Lindsay for taking the snaps of me above!



  1. Looks like a great night! Love scotch eggs & the horse drawn carriage is cute.

  2. Looks amazing! Have to say I'm more of a wine girl myself but I see there was cheese, and cheese is always good! x