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Stressful is the only way I could describe the past month or so, between university hand ins and obscene reading lists to starting a new job (say hello to your newest barista!) I haven't seemed to have a minutes peace! Things don't look like they're going to slow down anytime soon, but as winter has rolled in I've managed to grasp things a little better and found a bit of time for myself to enjoy my latest de-stressing products.  Thank god for that huh!

I love me time, so I've been struggling without it. The combination of a good old bath and some nice candles? there's nothing better. I'll argue that to the end. My favourite candles at the moment are the Arran Aromatics candles in the 'Nutmeg embers' scent. I've always loved the smell of nutmeg, and working in a coffee shop I'm constantly surrounded by it but these are something else; They smell like heaven. They give off such a warm glow which alongside the gorgeous scent just reminds me so much of warm winter evenings. They're the perfect de-stress candle and they're burning really well too! I know what you're thinking - Burn well? What do you mean?! but it's genuinely a thing! there's nothing I hate more than when you buy nice candles and they burn out super quickly, and look like a melted mess after one session, I love my candles to look good as well! But these candles tend to burn pretty slowly, and form back to a clean, tidy shape after each use. I know it sounds daft - but it's the wee things guys!

I've been so in love with this scent, if I could buy it as a body spray I think I'd be the happiest girl alive. It fills my room with a gorgeous warmth and sense of home, which is so perfect for those harsh winter months! I've also been loving the reed diffuser, I've had it in my bedroom for a week or so now and I still haven't 'gotten used to it' which everyone knows is always a bonus - theres nothing worse than spending £25 on a candle and then not being able to smell it by the next evening! I also love the look of them, the warm red, and festive tartan accents look so luxurious and expensive while maintaing festivity and they seem to look good wherever I put them! I've actually enjoyed this the nutmeg embers range much that I grabbed my mum a set for Christmas - and ended up giving her them early! Doh!

I have to add also, Arran Aromatics (in Glasgow anyway) are giving away the matching soap filled box if you spend over £25 at the moment (which is also amazing and smells so good I could eat it seriously!). Thanks again to Arran Aromatics for sending me over these goodies, when I really need them most.

For more Arran Aromatics stuff you're best checking out their website and twitter.

I'll be back to posting more routine from now on, got lots in the pipeline now that I'm settled!

Are you excited for Christmas yet? 

* The items within this post were sent to me by Arran Aromatics, my opinions are my own.

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