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I never quite pictured myself an afternoon tea type of girl, I must admit. I always imagined I'd never quite fit in with all the classy ladies sipping tea and eating cake - despite both of which being some of my favourite pass times. But, last week my mother and I decided to bite the bullet and try it out, so we took a visit to the Blythswood square Salon bar for a lovely Sunday afternoon of tea and cake!

We arrived at two, and the room was already mobbed with people. Maybe I was naive, but I honestly had never realised the popularity in afternoon tea! We were seated within a few minutes or so, in such a lovely room. My only issue, which I've seen raised by some others also was how low the tables were - they made fetching drinks and food a task. 

We quickly ordered drinks, received our champagne and after ten or so minutes received our stands of food. I was so impressed by the presentation of the stands - they looked absolutely outstanding. The young guy who served us was lovely and well trained on the menu. He managed to answer all my questions regarding the stands - which is a lot, I'm a blogger. 

In terms of food it was lovely - I'm more a savoury over sweet kind of person so naturally I was drawn to the savoury treats on the bottom stand. The sandwiches were to die for, and strangely enough my favourite was the cucumber and cream cheese. All the sandwiches were super fresh and tasted delightful and the red pepper and parmesan tart was also scrumptious! I couldn't have been more pleased. Also, on the bottom stand was my favourite item from the tea - a haggis bon-bon, served on a spoon with mustard mayo. 

Now, I have to admit I'd have never had ate it if I’d known it was haggis. Despite spending most of my life in Scotland I'm still a little squeamish about haggis' contents but this has turned that on it's head. The bon bon was so tasty and moist and served with the mustard mayo it was a match made in heaven. My only complaint is that we only got one - I’d have traded all my cakes for one more!

The cakes were lovely don't get me wrong. There was a great selection and all of which were lovely. I especially liked the miniature Victoria sponge. It was so light and moist, all that I could ask for and more. The Scones were also worth a mention - both came with the loveliest jam (which was also in the cutest jar ever) and clotted cream and tasted delicious. They were unfaultable and tasted oh so fresh. I could have eaten nine. I wish I was joking.

Overall, the afternoon tea was a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my mum, and we'd definitely go again for a treat. The atmosphere was fantastic and not intimidating in the slightest. And I can't forget to mention that the lovely views of the salon bar and the Glasgow scenery were a delight also. 

For any more information regarding afternoon tea at Blythswood click here.

Thanks again to Blythswood for having us! *

Have you been before? What were your thoughts? Do you have any other recommendations?

* Afternoon tea was provided by the Blythswood square hotel for review purposes.

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