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Okay, so the turkey might be a little dry sometimes but you can't deny that Christmas isn't the same without some pigs in blankets and a good Brussell sprout. Up until this year, I'd never had a 'turkey dinner' from anywhere else but my family table, but upon a recent visit to the Trading house, I knew I had to try their attempt - the Christmas menu had arrived, and it would have been rude not to.

We arrived about 6pm, I love arriving at the Trading house, it always holds a sense of magic and feels so welcoming yet luxurious. The Trading House was already quite busy - especially for a Wednesday night and like always, there was exceptional live music playing. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the staff, like my previous visit were outstanding, providing a warm welcome from the first second.

We were shown to our table and quickly approached by Scott and Yeray. Scott and Yeray alone, were enough for me to give an outstanding review. Like all the staff, they were professional but still personal and provided great chat and service all night. They talked us through the Christmas menu and then took our orders quickly - which is good because we were bloomin starvin!

Our starter arrived quickly and it was gorgeous. We both ordered the vine tomato soup with basil oil - I'll one-hundred percent admit that I was unsure about the 'toppings' on the soup at first as it did look a little 'funky?' But I genuinely could not get enough of this soup. Provided with a gorgeous crispy roll, it was the perfect winter starter. At this point, I was in two minds whether to cancel the rest of my dinner and ask for another soup. Seriously, it was that good. 

Our second dish arrived pretty quickly after that. Andrew opted for the pumpkin ravioli with crispy shallots and I personally had the traditional Christmas dinner. Both dishes were served with an enormous - that is genuinely no exaggeration- bowl of trimmings, including parsnips, carrots, roasties and my dearly beloved brussell sprouts! The veggies were cooked perfectly cooked, which is vital this time of year because nobody loves a soggy sprout!

When dessert came around, we were stuffed and we almost left without one. But after a chat with Scott and Yeray, we came to the conclusion that we HAD to have one - because it's christmas! I opted for the Orange and bitter chocolate truffle torte, while Andrew ordered the Sliced apple and almond tarte. Although both were nice - I ended up eating half of Andrew's! That almond tarte was outstanding, I have no words to describe how great the textures and flavours were.  

Along with dinner we also got told to try a 'bacon beer'. So we did. We were both apprehensive at first, but strangely enough, it tasted like bacon but still an enjoyable beer. Mind boggling huh!

We were lucky enough to be allowed to open a door on the Trading house's advent calendar, and behind the door we got treated to a mulled wine each which was so warming and hearty.We totally loved it. We finished the night off with a few cocktails; Andrew getting a Watermelon Martini, and I grabbed myself a Cardamon Old fashioned which was kindly recommended by the manager Pedro - which was a great recommendation, I loved it.

Overall, the night was fantastic. The trading house never fails me, and has became my go-to restaurant recommendation to friends and strangers alike. It's guaranteed a great evening.

Where would you recommend to eat? Do you love the trading house as much as me?

If you're in Glasgow, you can find the Trading House at 24 St Vincents Place. It's just off George Square. You can also find them on Facebook here.

Merry Christmas, wherever you are.

*The meal mentioned was gifted, despite this, all views are my own.


  1. Beautiful post! And those photos *____* ♥

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ♥

  2. I've never had Christmas dinner anywhere else other than home. Now that it's January, I would like the pigs in blankets to be back in ASDA again please. Ha!

    Lovely post.

    Emma Louise xx

  3. Hi! Amazing pictures! It was my first year too, to have a dinner some place other than home, or more like I didn't have Christmas dinner at all this year! (Due to travelling though^.^)

    I like the post!

    Kami xoxo