Last minute Valentine's Gifts That He will Love

Valentines is a toughie. Personally, I'm not one for buying super-cutesy teddy bears and all sorts for my love. Although they're cute, I find them impersonal and somewhat useless (sorry!) after valentines day is gone! This year I had the struggle of trying to buy for my boyfriend and it stressed me out beyond belief, I'm not going to lie. So I thought I'd show you my two top picks for the man who has everything, but isn't into cheese

First off is not only a gift I'd love to give, but one even I'd love to recive. I'm a massive fan of giving prezzies that will stand the test of time (just like your love hopefully!) and therefore, this hip flask by Swig is perfect! I did a post on the Swig hip flasks back in September of last year (see here!), and six months on I love it even more than I did then... If that's even possible

The product is finished to the highest of standards and truly feels like such a luxury item. It's got that gorgeous expensive feeling weight to it - even the lid weighs a good amount and it has such a classic shine. Although my flask comes with a tartan coat to match my Scottish roots, they are fully customisable and their sweet little jackets can be switched to make the flasks truly special and fitting to whoever carries it, which is such a sweet touch. But even naked, the seamless artesian flask is a work of art, that's undeniable. And, best of all it can be custom engraved if you so wish! You can grab it here.

My other sure winner when it comes to Valentines day isn't quite as exotic. Aftershave is something which is often bought, and therefore, I'm not telling you some brand new information by saying it's a good bet. But I can tell you, this is a scent both he and you will adore

My top pick is the newest fragrance launched by Gant in collaboration with Pierre Wulff (This is the guy that creates smells for Victoria's secret, ladies!).  The fragrance comes in such a gorgeous blue twine inspired bottle (we all know we care a bit about the bottle!) and the scent itself is so fresh and woody with underlying hints of lavender and coriander. To me personally, the scent is so masculine and rich yet totally not overpowering. Definitely one I wouldn't mind getting a wift of everyday, and remember ladies it's you that has to smell it - so make it a good one! The scent isn't too hard to get a hold of and is sold exclusively in Gant stores and online. 

Anyway, I hope I've help relieve a little bit of your pre-valentines stress. But just remember, it's not about the presents it's about the love. and presents. 

What have you got your love? and who is your love this year? Partner? Pet? Bff? 
See you on the other side! 

* Both products mentioned within this post were sent to me for my reviewal and inclusion, despite this, all thoughts and opinions are my own and are unbias. For further details please view my disclosure.

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