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All I seem to do recently is post about food – Sorry about that! But I just think winter months are for trying new places – since there’s not millions else to do when you live somewhere as chilly baltic as Glasgow. Last Tuesday, Andrew and I decided to try somewhere we’ve been meaning to for a while, the ever so talked about La Tasca.

We’ve been dying to try La Tasca for a while, and after receiving a voucher from Andrew’s brother & partner at Christmas we had no more excuses to put it off, and who can knock back some cava on a Tuesday? Not this girl!

It wasn’t too busy when we arrived on Tuesday evening but it had a lovely atmosphere which I think was created by the lit candles and quirky decoration. It didn’t take long for the waiter to take our orders and surprisingly with the amount that we ordered it didn’t take long for the food to reach our table.

Tapas is a god send for Andrew and I. We are both self-confessed pickers and he always ends up eating half of my dinner anyway so having multiple dishes we could both pick at was fantastic and meant that I actually got to eat quite alot of my dinner!

Despite loving to share food we both have very different tastes when it comes to food so I thought initially that i’d struggle to find things we would both like on the menu – but I couldn’t have been more wrong. We actually struggled more so to narrow it down to just six.

Andrew had reign over three, and so did I. Andrew decided on the Patatas Bravas (almost like roast potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce), the chicken wings (pretty self explanatory) and a Pollo con Salsa  (Chicken thighs in a sherry sauce). I on the other hand ordered a mini burger slider, roasted pork cheeks with skinny fries and a Pollo Marbella (Chicken and chorizo in white wine sauce!).

The food overall was outstanding. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did but it was great and tasted so fresh and full of flavour. My favourite out of all the dishes ended up being the pork cheeks which I never would have anticipated, but I’ve never tasted meat so succulent and juicy before. I am amazed. The burgers were also very fresh and were a great simplistic addition to what felt like quite a complex menu.

The portion sizes were also a lot bigger than expected - I was totally full after our main courses and I felt like six dishes for two people was a great number. Any more would have been far too much, any less and you might have been left wanting more. You feel me?
Despite being full, we both agreed we had to try a dessert. Because why not? We decided to go for a sharer of cheesecake and churros with hot chocolate sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed it although I'm not a massive sweet person. The Churros were outstanding and we managed not to make too much of a mess with the chocolate - RESULT.
Overall, we had a lovely evening at La Tasca, and I'd definitely return sometime soon. I was really impressed by the amount of variety they have to offer and I think there's something there for everyone no matter your diet and it would make a lovely Valentines day destination due to It's gorgeous atmosphere!

Have you been to La Tasca? How did you find it? Any other Reccomendations?

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