Byron: A new contender in Glasgow's Burger Ranks

I. Love. Burgers. There's no if’s and buts about it. They’re my go-to dish, and there’s nothing quite like them.  Which is great, considering Glasgow is the best for burgers. C’mon we even have our own Burger Boulevard! (That's St. Vincent Street if you're wondering.)

So, when I heard Byron was coming to town, I was excited, but concernedis there really room in this town for another burger joint? Will it make the cut? Will it be the same oldWith it’s cheeky interiors and super lovely staff – they’re the smiliest bunch I’ve met, it’s definitely got a place here in Glasgow. And here’s why;

The food is exciting and fun.

When I came along to try Byron out I was surrounded with the rest of the Glasgow blogging mob, and they all seemed as excited as me. Gosh, I even witnessed Sheri lose her mind over Freddar cheese.  

The menu was quirky and bold but still unintimidating. I opted for the B-rex, but it was such a close call between it and … well everything else on the menu. 

And the sides were outstanding on their own – Courgette fries and Macaroni cheese on the side? Hello? Heaven, is that you?

And the buns are squishy

And so were the drinks!

Where else can you choose between a Reese's pieces, Vodka, Bourbon or Irn bru shake? Huh?! You tell me? Oh wait, you can’t.  And they not only sound nice, but they taste it too! I know what it’s like you order a shake, blinded by its fantastic description and then it hits your plate like a soggy mess which is too sickly sweet to stomach.  Not here. The shakes were firm, tasty and bang on in terms of flavour. I’d trade my arm for another one of those shakes. Seriously

The staff couldn’t be more helpful

Not much to say on this point, except they were a super cheery bunch, to which nothing was a problem. They we’re so funny, and had such personality – couldn’t fault them!

And the atmosphere.

It’s got a kind of buzz about it, Byron. I’m not sure if it’s because you can see the kitchen from your seat, the cute and quirky décor or the hustle and bustle of how busy it is but it’s got such a lovely vibe about it. (Or maybe I was just food drunk, or was it the vodka milkshakes?!). 

Either way, Byron has definitely earned it’s spot in the Glasgow burger ranks
and it’s up there with the greats.

You can grab a bite out of Byron at 100 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1PJ. 
And remember that Byron takes part in One feeds two, which ensures a 25p donation for every special burger purchased. So eat well and feel good!

Will you be going to try it out? Or have you already been? Tell me!

* Thanks to Byron for inviting me to review.  See you again soon.


  1. Hold the phone a sec.. an Irn Bru milkshake!? They don't have them at the Manchester Byron. I feel cheated :(. I don't think they have courgette fries either! Glasgow Byron sounds amazing!


    1. It's fantastic! You must try the irnbru milkshake some day! x

  2. Not my cup of tea that food, but I love your 'food is exciting and fun' announcement:) And so agree with that!:)

  3. It sounds like you had a great time. It is always lovely to hear that the staff is helpful, it makes dining experiences so much more enjoyable! :)

  4. I love the fashion look, these ones are lovely! x