I can do a front flip!

My weekends rarely consists of anything other than seeing friends, eating and going out - whether that’s to clubs or gigs. This is something I know isn't just exclusive to me - it's something that kind of just comes with the age bracket I'm currently in. So when I heard about airspace, I felt it was time to spice up my weekends! (or at least attempt to, I hadn't been on a trampoline in years!)

Air Space, in case you don’t know is a super sized ‘freestyle’ trampoline park, situated just outside Glasgow in East Kilbride. I’d be surprised if you didn’t already know in all honesty. Before I got invited along, I’d already heard so much about it and seen an abundance of hilarious photos and videos online about other’s visits.

So, the other Saturday – after a bloomin’ good trip to wholefoods, Andrew and I set off to East Kilbride to check out airspace for ourselves. Upon arrival, it had became apparent that everyone else was doing the exact same thing, it was chock-a-block.

We went inside and jumped in the queue. Turns out you need to be there a wee bit early for your safety briefing etc, something we weren’t but thankfully they were kind enough to shove us in the next session. We purchased our jump socks – which are the coolest little socks I’ve ever worn, got our wrist bands and then lined up for our briefing.

This is when It hit me, 3pm on a Saturday must be prime child time. There was kids, everywhere. We were the only non-parent adults in the briefing room, and the room was wall to wall filled with under tens. It was terrifying to say the least and instantly I realsied that late night sessions are there for a reason, but none the less we carried on.

When we got inside I realized it wasn’t as big and scary as I thought it would be, and it  was sectioned off into easily recognisable sections which made it simple to navigate. It was full of friendly staff who kept the place safe and organized and I was so impressed with their ability to control the abundance of children present. Andrew and I had a great time bouncing (falling, same thing) about on the trampolines, we were totally shown up by all the kids who must be regulars, because somehow they all perform like Olympic athletes and were pulling off all sorts of whacky moves while we tried to master the simple ‘bum bounce’. We did have to que to get on the trampolines when the sessions overlaped and I was constantly terrified I’d land on a child and squish it, but it was great fun.

There was a lot to do, and I even got a shot on the long trampolines and found out that I can still pull of a pretty damn good front flip! (Yes I’m proud.) Although my favourite part was watching the staff members run up trampoline walls and do other tricks. The staff members seemed to just float about and leap across walls and it totally baffled me – how is this possible? Are they magic? Must be.

Air space was great although if you’re afraid of landing on a child (Like us!)  you’d probably be best to go to a later session I'm pretty sure they have later ones in the evening aimed at adults! Also – try and get in on a game of doge ball, it looked so fun but it was always full when we tried to play! All the details are here! 

Have you been? Did you get a game of dodge ball? What was your thoughts?! I’d love to know.

Please note: No children were squished by either Andrew or I, in the making of this blog post. But we were gifted entry for review purposes! 

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  1. It was really interesting to read this post as there has been a similar place crop up near me and I'm really tempted to try it out! Looks like a lot of fun!

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