My Super Lunch at Jamie's

Jamie's Italian A girl called Glasgow Bruschetta

I think I was the last person I know to try Jamie's. I'm a huge fan of Jamie Oliver, but I was sceptical to try his chain in fear of disappointment. But recently, after hearing glowing reviews from everyone I'd spoken to, I decided it was time to go. I even drafted in an accomplice.

Meet Anne, She's french, loves fashion and food.
We arrived in the early afternoon, and because of the time and it was during the week It was really quiet. Which is always great, we were promptly greeted and shown to our table by such a friendly employee (who's name I actually asked but have now forgotten - sorry mate!). He talked us through the menu and the 'Super Lunch' deal.

It sounded too cheap to be true in all honesty. Where else do you get three Italian courses for under thirteen quid? I was sceptical, but the menu sounded too ridiculously good not to try. One of those menus where you want it all and almost throw a huff in the decision process. 

Jamie's Italian A girl called Glasgow Bruschetta
For starters, Anne opted for the chicken liver pâté bruschetta, and I the truffle tagliatelle. Both dishes arrived a matter of minutes after ordering which I found super impressive and looked lovely in presentation. I was really shocked about the portion sizes, as I didn't expect much from a budget lunch starter, but surprisingly the portions were large, but well judged. Both Anne and I agreed the starters were great and super flavoursome.  
Jamie's Italian A girl called Glasgow Bruschetta

Shortly after our mains arrived - Anne ordered the penne carbonara (which we both wanted desperately), but I took one for the team and ordered the Gennaro's chicken club, as we wanted to try as much of the menu as possible!
Jamie's Italian A girl called Glasgow Bruschetta

I am so, so glad I did though as it was great. The chicken club is a 'Brioche stuffed with chargrilled, I'm so marinated free-range chicken, crispy pancetta, spicy ‘nduja mayo, fontal cheese, tomato & rocket', and it was exactly that. The brioche was soft and buttery, and the chicken moist and full of flavour. It was truly a masterpiece of a dish. Anne also enjoyed her carbonara it looked super creamy, and I was somewhat jealous peering across the table. The only complaint we may have, as that the meal was a little greasy, which is unfortunate as everything else was outstanding.

Finally, we ended up ordering desserts. Anne deciding on the Italian apple and blackberry pavlova and I the Epic brownie. Anne's pavlova looked outstanding and was one of the best-presented desserts I've seen. She totally loved it, and I again sat gawking at it. My epic brownie was also great and was  accompanied with popcorn which although I was skeptical of at first was a great combination. 

Jamie's Italian A girl called Glasgow Bruschetta

Overall Jamie's was great and is oddly perfect for any occasion, fancy or casual. and I also really enjoyed the rustic but modern decor and friendly staff, I've already been back since for my anniversary lunch - so that says something. 

You can check out the Glasgow Super Lunch menu here!
There's no turkey twizzlers in sight.

Have you been? What did you think? Any recommendations?

* This meal was kindly gifted for review purposes, but as always all opinions are honest and my own. For further details please take a look at my disclaimer. Thanks! 


  1. Aww wow this looks incredible! I will be in Glasgow late May so will look into going! Dundee doesn't have anything like this! Now following you on BL too sweetie :)

    1. It's great the food was scrumptious. Thanks honey will follow you back! x

  2. ive been told not to go as its not good. but the food youve photographed looked amazing

  3. I heard a few bad reviews as well but I found it outstanding and I went back for an anniversary lunch and it was even better! It's definitely worth trying!

  4. Looks like such great value, and a very tasty meal! Every time I go to Jamie's its a bit hit and miss, but this looked great!

    Erin xxx

  5. I've never been to one of Jamie's places, there aren't any near me and when I see them I expect them to be really expensive but perhaps not! That food looks amazing! Especially the deserts!!