As you may (or may not) already know I'm Abbey Lauren. A short, easily exciteable twenty year old from Glasgow, Scotland. I'm in my fourth and final year of a degree in Media Communiations at my dream university, and I couldn't love it more. I spend most of my life dancing, eating great food with my boyfriend or watering my reasonably impressive cactus collection.

 I started this blog a while ago to write about my love for all things beauty but over the past three (eek!) years I have discovered that although it is a large part of my interests, beauty is not my only passion, and it gets kind of boring if it's the only thing you're writing about. Throughout my time at university I have gained a real sense of love (and pride) for the creative talent that surrounds me here in Scotland and tried to submerge myself in it, and therefore it has now become one of my real motivators and a large portion of this blog's focus.

You can expect to see a real mixture coming from this blog and it's still just beginning for me.

Thanks for sticking around.

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